Ryobi 80V Lawn Tractors

Ryobi 80V Lawn Tractor

Ryobi Grows Its 80V OPE Lineup With Two New Lawn Tractors

Ryobi gave us a glimpse of its growing 80V lawn care lineup at Equip Expo in 2022, and now it’s expanding even more. Along with a 30-inch CrossCut self-propelled mower, there are two new Ryobi 80V Lawn Tractors joining the collection: a 42-inch model and a 46-inch model. What do they have to offer those with larger properties? Let’s find out.

Ryobi 80V Lawn Tractor Models

Ryobi 80V HP Brushless 46-inch Lawn Tractor

Ryobi 46-inch 80V Lawn Tractor
  • Model: Ryobi RYRM8070
  • Four brushless motors deliver 23HP equivalence
  • Cuts up to 2.5 acres per charge
  • CrossCut multi-blade system
  • 7 MPH top speed

This lawn tractor combines 80V technology with a total of four brushless motors to give you the power of a 23-horsepower gas engine. It uses three 10Ah batteries for a power source, giving you the ability to cut up to 2.5 acres per charge. When you’re done mowing or run out of juice, the 80V Hyper Charger gets you back up in under 2.5 hours.

It also features Ryobi’s CrossCut multi-blade system, with four steel blades (two sets of stacked twin blades) that give you a more uniform cut.

Ryobi 80V HP Brushless 42-inch Lawn Tractor

Ryobi 80V 42-inch Lawn Tractor
  • Model: Ryobi RYRM8060
  • Three brushless motors deliver 21HP equivalence
  • Cuts up to 2 acres per charge
  • CrossCut multi-blade system
  • 7 MPH top speed

This 42-inch lawn is smaller than the RYRM8070 but holds many of the same features. It uses three brushless motors to give you the same power as a 21-horsepower gas engine. It also utilizes the same three 10Ah battery system as its larger counterpart, cutting up to 2 acres per charge.

Like the 46-inch model, this one also uses Ryobi’s CrossCut multi-blade system to provide a better overall cut.

Ryobi 80V Lawn Tractor Design

  • 13-position manual deck adjustment
  • Cutting heights: 1.5 inches – 4.5 inches
  • Towing capacity of up to 500 pounds
  • LED headlights
  • USB-A and USB-C port
  • LCD screen and control panel
  • Front, rear, and side storage compartments
  • Cup holders
  • Easy access rear charging port works with standard 120V outlet

Both the 42-inch and 46-inch models have very similar design features. Starting with the deck adjustment, you can set your cutting heights from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches with 13 positions in between.

Additionally, these lawn tractors are tow-capable, with a maximum towing capacity of 500 pounds. Both models come with front and rear standard 2-inch square tow hitches

Charging for these 10Ah batteries can be done onboard as well. Simply hook up your Hyper Charger to a standard 120V outlet and plug it into the charging port on the rear of the tractor.

Additional user comfort and convenience features include an LCD screen and centralized control panel, onboard storage, and cup holders.

LCD screen and steering wheel

Ryobi 80V Lawn Tractor Price

The 42-inch lawn tractor retails for $4,999 and the 46-inch goes for $5,499. They will be available at The Home Depot starting in spring 2023. Both models include a 10Ah battery and 80V Hyper Charger to get you started. Ryobi backs your purchase with a 5-year warranty.

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