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For smaller spaces like the Pro Tool Reviews office, the Ryobi Evercharge cordless stick vacuum is a great fit. If you're looking to do your whole home, reach for something a bit more ergonomic and powerful.

Overall Score 7.7 (out of 10)

It’s hard not to recommend the Ryobi ONE+ platform to Pros. That may sound contradictory, but I find it hard to argue with a platform of more than 100 tools. Additionally, most of those tools cost less than $100. I mean, who else makes a cordless inflator for under $40? If you don’t need the highest torque, fastest speeds, or class-leading features, Ryobi tools fill a much-needed space. The new Ryobi EverCharge Cordless Stick Vacuum comes in at around $230 with 4Ah battery and charger. While that sounds inexpensive, it’s actually a tad higher than some of the current prices for similar products from Hoover.

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So the real question deals with how well it works and whether it makes for a good purchase. That answer may have a lot to do with whether you’re already on the Ryobi ONE+ battery platform.

As I mentioned, other battery-powered vacuums have already entered the market. For example, we reviewed both the Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum and the premium Hoover Cordless Lift Vacuum. Though these originally debuted higher, they now price out at $300 and $400 respectively, prices have come down considerably. The Ryobi EverCharge cordless stick vacuum seems to present a simple solution for handheld vacuuming. It also has the added advantage of being on the ONE+ platform.

Ryobi EverCharge 18V Stick Vacuum

Ryobi EverCharge Cordless Stick Vacuum Features

This review would be longer were it not for the fact that, well, this is a vacuum cleaner. Simplicity is a “win” when it comes to cordless tools for the home. The Ryobi EverCharge Cordless Stick Vacuum has simplicity in spades. First, there’s the EverCharge dock and accessory holder. Plug it in, and you simply dock the cordless stick vacuum when not in use—or grab the accessory you need. The EverCharge wall dock immediately connects through the vacuum to the battery, and a green light lets you know what’s going on. If both green LEDs are flashing, the tool is evaluating the battery. When the right side flashes, it’s charging. The green LED goes solid when the vacuum’s battery is fully charged.

Ryobi EverCharge battery dock accessories

Of course, if you have a spare Ryobi battery, you can just slap that in anytime. The vacuum will run off of any ONE+ battery pack, and the system will charge any 18V ONE+ battery as well.

Accessories Galore

The Ryobi stick vac comes with a crevice tool, dust brush, and—most importantly—a power head for vacuuming floors. This is an actual powerhead as well, with a couple leads that tie into the system to power the roller brushes. It also includes a nice 4.0 Ah battery pack which is what allows it to run for up to 25 minutes per charge.

Ryobi EverCharge Cordless Stick Vacuum battery

The extension wand allows you to use the Ryobi EverCharge Cordless Stick Vacuum on floors, but you can actually remove it. That lets you shorten the vac for furniture or other applications while still using the power roller head. Of course, you can swap out that head for either the crevice tool or dust brush for even more flexibility.

Ryobi Cordless Stick Vacuum power

The power button is located at the front of the handle. There are two speeds, but you’ll likely stick with the first (High) for best performance on carpet. Push the button to cycle through High-Low-Off modes. Ryobi included a removable HEPA filter, and the dust cup can be emptied by opening the bottom flap or by removing it completely and pulling out the filter.

Using the Ryobi Cordless Stick Vac

We have about 650 square feet of office space here at Pro Tool Reviews, and it has both tile floors and an area rug. That area rug gets dirty…quite often. The difficulty is that we’re constantly entering and exiting the office from both the front door and the shop…and we test a lot of tools. The power head did a decent job picking up the ground-in grass, sawdust, and dirt that covered the rug. The head measures around 8.5 inches wide where it pulls dirt into the rollers, so you get a decent coverage swath—but still small compared to most corded vacuums.

There’s definitely a difference between the Ryobi P718K cordless stick vacuum and a more powerful corded model. The dirt doesn’t get picked up instantly on the first pass—you have to work at it. For the rest of the room—which features tile—cleanup was a breeze. We loved how easily it snaked around and under our Ergotron sit-stand desks and how easy it charged on the included wall dock.

Ryobi EverCharge Cordless Stick Vacuum blinds

We also used the included dust brush to clean our blinds and pull dirt off the tops of our door and window trim. Swapping out accessories proved to be a simple task, and the release buttons are convenient and easy to operate.


While there is a lot of competition for cordless vacuums, the Ryobi EverCharge distinguishes itself with its eternally-ready charging dock and use of the popular 18V ONE+ battery platform. If I had to summarize the system in a word, I’d say “simplicity”. Vacuum, charge, repeat. Since the accessories hang right with the vacuum, changing up the form factor to match your specific needs takes no time or energy. You just grab and go.

After using the tool for a while, weight definitely became an issue. With the Ryobi EverCharge cordless stick vac, the majority of the weight is up at your hand as opposed to down by the vacuuming head. Over time, that weight can really bear down and tire your arm. With that in mind, we tended to use the Ryobi P718K for quick clean-ups, but it wasn’t our first choice over at the house. For that, we might recommend something akin to the Hoover Air Cordless vacuum mentioned earlier.

Ryobi Cordless Stick Vacuum head

For smaller spaces like the Pro Tool Reviews office, the Ryobi EverCharge cordless stick vacuum is a great fit. If you’re looking to do your whole home, you may want to reach for something a bit more ergonomic and powerful. Price is also a concern. At ~$230, we don’t feel as if you’re getting a bargain. Competitive battery-powered vacuum cleaners from Hoover, Eureka, and others are priced less than $100. The two big advantages Ryobi has included are easy charging and its compatibility with the ONE+ system. That might be enough to push some users to pull the trigger.

Ryobi Cordless Stick Vac Features

  • Removable dust cup with bottom release
  • Charges and remains charged with Evercharge technology
  • Brushless motor
  • High and Low power modes with lock-on
  • EverCharge Mount with accessory storage
  • Compatible with all Ryobi ONE+ batteries and chargers


  • Model: P718K
  • Battery: P108 (4Ah)
  • Battery life: 25 minutes (low)
  • Suction area width: 8.5 inches
  • Includes: P718 vacuum, P719 roller bar, extension wand, EverCharge accessory wall mount/charger, P108 4Ah battery, crevice tool, dust brush, HEPA filter assembly
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: $230

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I bought one for my wife to deal with our dog hair problem, so that she wouldn’t have to pull out the big corded vac for quick pick ups.
She loves so much that she’s using it all the time!
I already have ryobi cordless tools, and have been impressed with there quality for the price. So picking this vac was one of compatibility with my current batteries, more than it’s initial cost.
So far, so good.

Brett McClure

I have purchased two of these vacuums. They had been a perfect addition to our small office building. With just needing a little vacuuming a couple times a week. We have now discovered there is something wrong with the design of the vacuum head. After a few weeks the plastic rubs off and begins to vibrate and make a seriously loud noise. Try to replace it? Nope web site is a maze and still can’t talk to human on the service line.
Guess back to Dyson for us


$200 – ouch. I’m already on the One+ platform and would’ve settled for a $100 tool-only option or thereabouts. I got semi-excited about this thing when I first heard about it, but Mrs. Dave burns out a cordless Hoover maybe once a year and with a sub-$50 price point I have a hard time seeing the Ryobi lasting the 5-6 years I’d need to see for a break-even price point.

That cordless shop vac on casters, though, looks appealing…

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