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Savaria Vuelift Residential Elevator

Savaria Vuelift Residential Elevator

Experience Next-Level Luxury with Savaria Vuelift

Sometimes you see something so cool you just have to show it to others. For us, the Vuelift elevator fits the bill. Designed and built using quality materials and components, the Savaria Vuelift Residential Elevator provides a smooth and scenic ride that puts climbing stairs to shame. Seriously, why would anyone take the stairs? Well, possibly because of how expensive it is to install this elevator. How much does it cost? Well, if you have to ask—you probably can’t afford it! Seriously, though—prices start around $50,000.

Savaria Vuelift Residential Elevator

  • Round or octagonal design
  • Driven by energy-efficient winding drum drive train system using two aircraft cables
  • Cab fitted with 24 low-friction guides
  • Available in 840-lb capacity acrylic or 950 lb. capacity glass models
  • Services up to 6 stops over a max travel distance of 42.5′
  • Black, silver, or white powder coat as standard, custom colors available

Use Vuelift to Class Up the Joint

The Savaria Vuelift advertises an “extraordinary lift for those who appreciate luxury on the next level.” We can’t disagree. These panoramic elevators feature an integrated hoistway and come in either round or octagonal profiles.

Savaria Vuelift Residential Elevator

An energy-efficient winding drum drive train system uses two aircraft cables to drive the Vuelift. Meanwhile, Savaria has fitted the elevator cab with 24 guides made from low-friction material. The end result is a residential elevator model that gently glides up and down to a maximum of 6 stops and 42.5 feet.

The Vuelift is More Than a Play on Words

The Savaria Vuelift, if the name isn’t enough of an indication, prides itself on the quality of the view from within the elevator. You can choose between an acrylic or glass model. The Vuelift glass models feature crystal-clear low-iron silica glass for the best clarity with no green hue. The acrylic models are constructed from premium clear acrylic panels that exceed code requirements for strength and avoid discoloration over time.

Safety and reliability are also paramount for the Savaria Vuelift. These elevators comply fully with ASME A17.1 section 5.3 codes, which outline the criteria for avoiding deflection, entrapment, and other safety risks. The winding drum drive system offers reliable and consistent speed under load while operating at a max 67 dB(A). The acrylic model supports up to 840 lbs., while the glass models support up to 950 lbs.

Savaria Vuelift Residential Elevator

The Savaria Vuelift features a streamlined installation process. Once electricity and a phone line are in place, the elevator can be set up by a single team. This eliminates the need for calling in multiple trade Pros and avoids the contractor domino effect. The Vuelift also requires minimal ongoing maintenance, reducing the expected number of times you might need to call on your installers.

Savaria makes all of its Vuelift Residential Elevator models in North America. They come in virtually any color you can imagine to match your preferred decor. If you have the money to look twice at this elevator, then quit walking up and down your home stairs like some sort of uncultured Philistine and get one!

To learn more about these residential elevators, check out Vuelift by clicking here.

Savaria Vuelift Residential Elevator Features

  • Automatic operation
  • Illuminated push-button hall call stations
  • Bifold glass cab gate
  • Integrated touch-pad phone
  • Automatic on/off LED cab lights and ventilation fan
  • Textured semigloss black powder-coat frame
  • Balcony attachment or through-the-floor setup
  • Automatic operation
  • Illuminated push-button hall call stations
  • Bifold glass cab gate
  • Integrated touch-pad phone
  • Automatic on/off LED cab lights and ventilation fan
  • Textured semigloss black powder-coat frame
  • Balcony attachment or through-the-floor setup
  • Panoramic cab ceiling
  • White, silver, or custom powder-coat frame color
  • Straight through or 90 degree entry/exit configurations
  • Pitless with short ground floor ramp (acrylic only)
  • Up to 6 stops

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Oddly, I was just calling a dealer today about a VueLift for a new house I am designing. There is some regional variation, but you are off on pricing by a large margin. $60-120K!

Jimmy Riddle

Amazing lifts, but as you say expensive. Im building my own version for around $2500 that will support around 1000lb with safety features that will stop it crashing to the ground from easily sourced materials. A lot of work but just look at the savings ! After all none of us are getting any younger ? 👍👍

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