Werner Multi-Position Pro 5-in-1 Ladder Review

Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder

The Werner Multi-Position Pro 5-In-1 Ladder Lets You Do More With Less

Ladders come in all shapes and sizes, yet there’s one universal truth – having the right ladder for the job at hand not only makes the job easier but also safer. Multi-position ladders fill an important gap for homeowners and professionals who don’t want to buy multiple ladders to get the job done. We’re taking a closer look at the Werner Multi-Position Pro 5-In-1 ladder to see what it has to offer!

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Werner Multi-Position Pro 5-in-1 Ladder Design Notes

Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder
  • Model: Werner MT-22IAAXTDH
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Max Reach: 22 ft.
  • Max Extension: 19 ft.
  • Weight Capacity: 375 lbs.
  • Ladder Rating: Type 1AA
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Number of Steps: 20
  • Ladder Type: Multi-Position

This multi-position ladder lets you save time and money with its 5-in-1 design. It easily converts into five different ladder positions: twin stepladder, stairway stepladder, wall ladder, extension ladder, and twin scaffold bases.

Hinge lock

Werner definitely designed this ladder with professional job sites in mind. The shatterproof J-locks are made of high-grade aluminum, and the oversized rubberized hinge locks are impact resistant for added durability.

Aluminum J-lock

The MT-22IAA is constructed of lightweight aluminum that truly cuts down on the total weight. They managed to shave off a little of that weight by introducing their Powerlite rail system, making it easier to transport and set up than previous models. All in, this ladder weighs an even 40 pounds—Werner’s lightest IAA rated multi-position ladder.

lightweight design

In spite of its lightweight design, this ladder is a Type IAA, landing it in the super heavy-duty class with a max weight capacity of 375 pounds.

TypeWeight RatingDuty Rating
IAA375 poundsSuper Heavy Duty
IA300 poundsExtra Heavy Duty
I250 poundsHeavy Duty Industrial
II225 poundsMedium Duty Commercial
III200 poundsLight Duty Household
Quick Reference Guide

Most of the ladder configurations are pretty straight forward, but the scaffolding setup can be a little tricky.

Start by unlocking all four J-locks and removing the outer Powerlite rails. Next, place the inner section into the stepladder position—this is the first of two trestles required for the scaffold. Using the remaining sections, turn one section 180° and insert the J-locks of one section into the adjacent holes of the other section. Lastly, spread the two sections apart to create the second trestle.

square rungs

For maximum stability, make sure your plank is long enough to cross all four rungs and always secure the plank to each trestle to prevent it from moving. Additionally, you should never place the plank on the top rung of either trestle.

Additional Features

  • Slip resistant feet
  • Flared bottom for additional support

Werner Multi-Position Pro 5-in-1 Ladder Price

This 22-foot 5-in-1 ladder retails for $279 and is returnable within 90-days of purchase. This ladder is also available in a few different configurations.

  • MT-14IAA – $189
  • MT-18IAA – $229
  • MT-26IAA – $339
  • MT-22IAAL (with leveling feet)- $279

The Bottom Line

Overall, we believe The Werner 5-in-1 multi-position pro ladder is perfect for use all around your home or jobsite. It’s noticeably lighter than many ladders in its class. The oversized hinge locks and sturdy J-locks ensure safe and secure positioning in any configuration. Plus, the Powerlite rails are lightweight and glide effortlessly, so it’s easy to get this ladder into position in a matter of seconds.

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