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MBW Battery-Powered ScreeDemon Vibrating Wet Screed

Milwaukee M18 Battery Powers the MBW ScreeDemon Vibrating Screed

The MBW ScreeDemon line of vibrating wet screeds is getting a major technological update. Instead of the Honda gas-powered engine that usually powers this screed line, MBW has partnered with Milwaukee Tool to bring battery power to the ScreeDemon lineup. The result is a more comfortable vibrating wet screed that MBW claims is the easiest to run on the market.

MBW ScreeDemon: The Big Deal

By running off of a Milwaukee 12.0Ah M18 RedLithium battery, the MBW ScreeDemon operates much more comfortably for working with wet concrete. For one thing, it’s much quieter than the gas-powered alternative. But, for indoor work, it seems especially helpful. The zero emissions of battery power make it easier and safer to work in confined spaces.

MBW also estimates you’ll experience anywhere between 50% to 90% less hand and arm vibration without any loss of control. This results from the screed’s mount retention method that uses low durometer isolators.

Wet screeds can be prone to requiring frequent maintenance. The drive mechanisms between the engine and exciter present some challenges to durability. The MBW ScreeDemon features a sealed exciter that requires zero maintenance.

Additionally, where most screed and screed bars bolt together, the MBW ScreeDemon Vibrating Wet Screed employs a clamp system. This makes disassembly for transportation and cleaning much easier. You can also assemble or remove the bar in seconds. Plus, with no holes to weaken the screed bar, you get a more durable bar with a more consistent application of vibration across the width of the tool.

Additional Features

  • Lights improve visibility in darker work areas

ScreeDemon Price

You can pick up the MBW M18 ScreeDemon Vibrating Wet Screed from your local MBW dealerships, or from online retailers. It comes with a Milwaukee M18 12.0Ah HD battery pack and a charger. You can pick it up for around $2,316.99, and MBW includes a one-year warranty on their product.

For more information, including how to go about finding your local MBW dealer, click here.

MBW ScreeDemon Specifications

  • Model: MBW EWS500
  • Operating Weight: 33.5 lbs. (with 12Ah battery attached)
  • Powered By: Milwaukee M18 RedLithium High Output battery
  • Max Rated Power: 630 W
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: $2,316.99

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