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Senco Composite Fasteners and Nailers

Senco has always manufactured metal fasteners, and now the company has introduced a line-up of Senco composite fasteners made with a blend of polymer resin and fiberglass. The new offering includes staples and nails for blade-friendly and non-rusting application needs in woodworking, industrial, lumber tagging, timber processing, and millwork. Available in standard size strips that fit pneumatic nailers specifically designed to drive composite fasteners, Senco composite fasteners are available in 18 gauge brad nails; 15 gauge nails; and 16 gauge and 20 gauge staples. They also require special Senco composite staplers and nailers.

Metal-Free Fasteners

You can use Senco composite staples and nails where metal staples and nails would potentially damage sanding belts, saw blades, router bits, and molder knives. It also works where you cannot remove the fasteners.

Rust and Corrosion Free

Non-metal materials mean the fasteners won’t rust or corrode while they also resist chemicals, sunlight, and moisture. The composite materials also do not cause wood deterioration or staining.

Equipment Safe

You can sand, shape, and cut Senco composite fasteners without damaging cutting equipment. You can also use them in spoiler boards in CNC operations. They can join smaller and larger boards for machining. They can even eliminate the need for clamping or constructing jigs for set-up. Unlike metal fasteners, composite staples and nails permanently fuse with the material when sanded down. This obviates putty which results in a seamless appearance when painting or staining the material.

“The use of traditional metal fasteners in certain manufacturing applications can compromise the appearance, performance, and value of the final product. Metal to metal contact can also damage equipment, reducing productivity, and increasing maintenance costs. Our new composite fasteners eliminate these concerns.”

Eric Bellman, Senco product manager

Senco Composite Fasteners Key Features

  • Polymer resin and fiberglass blend
  • Standard-sized strips
  • 18 gauge brad nails; 15 gauge nails; and 16 gauge and 20 gauge staples

Compatible Senco Composite Nailers

  • SPFN15XP 15 Gauge Composite Finish Nailer (9H0001N)
  • SPBN18XP 18 Gauge Composite Brad Nailer (9G0001N)
  • SPHT Composite Hammer Tacker (9M0001N)
  • SPCT 20 Gauge Manual Squeeze Composite Stapler (9N0001N)
  • SPS16XP-11 16 Gauge Composite Stapler (9J0001N)
  • SPS16XP-12 16 Gauge Composite Stapler (9K0001N)
  • SPS20XP-12 20 Gauge Composite Stapler (9L0001N)

Our Take

Non-metal fasteners—just sit back and think about that for a moment. The implications of using fiberglass blended nails and staples seem endless. You can fasten materials together and follow up with routers, sanders, and other tools—without fear of ruining bits.

We had a chance to check out Senco composite fasteners at STAFDA and had the chance to ask them some questions. What these new composite fasteners are really good for is helping to hold materials in place while adhesives cure. The fact that they’re nonmetal means that you can leave them in place without fear of rusting, and you can also sand or cut them without any detriment to your tool accessories.

Sure, they aren’t as strong as metal fasteners. And, you can’t just use the nailers you already have—the drivers are simply too strong. You’ll need to get your hands on nailers specifically designed for Senco composite fasteners. In the end, however, we think these present a uniquely advantageous opportunity for many Pros.

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