Senco F-35XP Cordless Framing Nailer

Senco F-35XP Cordless Framing Nailer

Can Senco’s Fusion Technology Bridge the Gap Between Cordless and Pneumatic?

Senco has a rich history in the world of framing nailers, and that history remains firmly grounded in air-powered products. Times, they are a-changing, because Senco has announced the release of the F-35XP, its first battery-powered framer. This 18V cordless framing nailer is built on Senco’s Fusion technology platform to provide all the reliability, power, and speed of a pneumatic tool—without the compressor and hose. So far, their finish nailers have really held up well, so we have high hopes for the F-35XP battery-powered framing nailer.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Senco F-35XP
  • Powered by 18V battery and self-contained compressed air cylinder
  • Drives paper tape collated framing nails
  • Fusion technology doesn’t require fuel cells or produce fumes
  • No ramp-up time; works as fast as pneumatic
  • 34º magazine holds 60 fasteners
  • Fires nails from 2 to 3-1/2 long and .113 to .148 in diameter
  • Comes with two 3.0Ah batteries and 5-amp quick charger
  • Price: $549
  • Available September 2020

Having just reviewed the Senco DS225-18V screwgun, and also having checked out the Senco Fusion F-18 brad nailer, we quickly pored over the details of this new framing nailer to see how it might perform.

Senco on Fusion Tech Driving the F-35XP

Originally developed for finish and trim nailers, our time-tested and cost-effective Fusion technology has been propelled into the heavy construction category with the F-35XP… [it is] engineered to be the most robust and reliable cordless nailer available, and it is powerful enough to easily drive into today’s densest construction materials like LVL and OSB. Using the F-35XP simply feels like using a traditional pneumatic nail gun.

Eric Bellman, product manager for SENCO
Senco F-35XP Cordless Framing Nailer

Unlike combustion-type nailers such as the Paslode Cordless XP framing nailer, Fusion technology does away with fuel cells. Instead, it uses a brushless motor to prep the firing mechanism which uses a cylinder of compressed nitrogen to pressurize, shoot, and repressurize over and over without requiring an external air source. It avoids the ramp-up time that you get with flywheel-type nailers. Senco claims that Fusion tech lets the F-35XP perform just like a traditional pneumatic nailer. Based on our experience with the Milwaukee M18 FUEL framing nailer and similar products, we find that a believable claim.

The Senco F-35XP uses its 18V Li-ion battery and self-contained compressed air cylinder to consistently drive nails into hard jobsite substrates, like engineered lumber. It excels at working in framing, panelized construction, truss building, subflooring, sheathing, decking, siding, fencing, pallet building, and crate assembly.

Additional Features

Senco F-35XP Cordless Framing Nailer

The Senco F-35XP Cordless Framing Nailer includes an aluminum 34º magazine that holds up to 60 paper-collated nails. It can accommodate nails from 2 to 3-1/2 inches long and between .113 to .148 inches in diameter.

The pronounced nosepiece grips your workpiece for toenailing. It also includes a rubber tip to prevent marring the workpiece when you need it. Most Pros we know don’t use them—at least not in framing applications.

The F-35XP features a selectable actuation switch, letting you switch between sequential and bump-fire modes. You can set your depth with a turn of the tool-free adjustment knob.

Senco F-35XP Cordless Framing Nailer

A pressure relief valve and easy-access refill port make maintenance and refilling simple. It also comes with a swiveling belt/rafter hook.

Finally, smart indicator lights alert you to jams and low batteries, though with the included 3.0Ah battery, Senco claims this nailer can fire off up to 600 nails per charge.


The Senco F-35XP Cordless Framing Nailer will hit stores in September. It comes kitted with two 3.0Ah batteries, a 5-amp quick charger, a no-mar tip, and a storage bag. You can pick it up for around $549.

To learn more about the Senco F-35XP, click here.

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