Southwire SIMpull Fish Tape Video

The new Southwire SIMpull Fish Tape line consists of eight new models varying in leader type, width, length and case size. The fish tapes are made of a non-conductive polymer that has a low coefficient of friction, allowing the tape to easily glide through EMT and PVC conduit much faster than steel and fiberglass fish tapes.

Fiberglass fish tapes have a tendency to snap when bent and steel models tend to kink if they get pinched. SIMpull Fish Tapes are virtually unbreakable and are kink resistant. The new fish tapes combine the strength of a steel fish tape with greater flexibility than fiberglass fish tapes thanks to a braided design.

Southwire SIMpull Fish Tape Key Features

  • Spiral extruded polymer design reduces the amount of effort required to push or pull the fish tape through EMT or PVC conduit
  • Swiveling flexible metal leader easily glides through bends
  • Combines the strength of a steel fish tape with greater flexibility than fiberglass fish tapes
  • Low friction material reduces binding at joints, couplings or 90 degree bends
  • Faster install time
  • Does not break when folded
  • Weighs less than steel

Southwire SIMpull Fish Tape Model Options

  • Southwire FTSP45-75FML: 75-Foot SIMpull Flexible Metal Leader
  • Southwire FTSP45-75NCT: 75-Foot SIMpull Non-Conductive
  • Southwire FTSP3-100FML: 100-Foot SIMpull Flexible Metal Leader
  • Southwire FTSP3-100NCT: 100-Foot SIMpull Non-Conductive
  • Southwire FTSP45-125FML: 125-Foot SIMpull Flexible Metal Leader
  • Southwire FTSP45-125NCT: 125-Foot SIMpull Non-Conductive
  • Southwire FTSP3-240FML: 240-Foot SIMpull Flexible Metal Leader
  • Southwire FTSP3-240NCT: 240-Foot SIMpull Non-Conductive

Our Take

You’ll see a clear difference in Southwire’s SIMpull Fish Tapes the moment you take your first look at them. The braided design certainly seems to resist the kind of damage both fiberglass and steel tapes suffer from, even when being tied in a loose knot. The demonstrations I’ve seen with this tape is certainly impressive, but the proof is always in the pudding on the jobsite. Be on the lookout for a review on these in the coming weeks.

Check out the Southwire SIMPull Fish Tape in action!

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