Stiletto TiBone Titanium Framing Hammers

Stiletto Releases Advanced TiBone Titanium Framing Hammers and Accessories

For framing pros, hammers are one of the most important and most used tools on the job. Titanium models pose some advantages over other types of hammers, such as durability and weight. Stiletto is adding to its titanium hammer lineup with two sizes, featuring several configurations and accessories to boot. We’re looking at what the new Stiletto Advanced TiBone Framing Hammers have to offer, and how you can customize them to your liking.

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Stiletto TiBone Titanium Framing Hammers — What’s New?

Stiletto TiBone Framing Hammer

Stiletto tells us they fully redesigned the 14oz and 15oz TiBone titanium framing hammers to address some common pain points like premature breakage, worn grips, and misalignment. They feature improved handle durability, an anti-rotational face, and replaceable colored grips.

There are also replaceable milled and smooth faces that let you change out your hammer’s face in case the surface wears down or becomes uneven.

Stiletto 14oz TiBone Framing Hammers

Stiletto TiBone Framing Hammer

The 14oz TiBone hammer has a lightweight design— in fact, Stiletto tells us it’s 45% less weight than steel hammers of its size, with a total weight of 1.94 pounds. However, it still hits like steel, so you’re not sacrificing performance or durability for the trade-off in weight.

The titanium makeup minimizes recoil shock and vibration, reducing pain and fatigue on the job.

These hammers feature a 180° side nail puller that gives you better access in tight areas. The magnetic nail starter and nail pullers fit 8D to 16D nails, as well as duplex nails, to give you a wide range of uses on framing jobs.

Stiletto TiBone 15oz Titanium Framing Hammers

Like their 14oz younger brothers, the 15oz TiBone framing hammers feature an improved design. Measuring two inches longer than the smaller models, at 16 inches, these hammers pack a bit more punch while still maintaining a lightweight design. They carry a total weight of 2.08 pounds apiece.

The only difference here compared to the 14oz models is size. The 15oz TiBone hammers keep the same features, including a magnetic nail starter, and nail pullers that fit 8D to 16D nails and duplex nails. Like the 14oz hammers, you also have the option between a smooth face (TIB15SC) or milled face (TIB15MC).

Stiletto TiBone Accessories

Along with the two hammers, Stiletto is also releasing a few new accessories to complement them.

  • Replacement Milled Steel Face – $34.99
  • Replacement Smooth Steel Face – $34.99
  • Mallet Cap – $19.99
  • Replacement Grip Hi-Vis Pink – $34.99

These accessories will be available starting in November 2023. You can pre-order or buy them by clicking the price links listed above.

Stiletto TiBone Framing Hammers Price

The 15oz hammers will be available in late 2023 for a price of $299, and the 14oz hammers will release in January 2024, also for $299. You can find them at your favorite Stiletto retailer. Stiletto backs your purchase with a 1-year warranty.

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