T-JAK Installation Support Jacks

T-Jak Support Jacks

T-Jak Support Jacks Turn Cabinetry Into a One-Man Job

When Patterson Avenue Tool Co. started 31 years ago, it was with the purpose of creating new and innovative tools for the home improvement and construction industries. One of those innovations revolved around the founders looking for a way to raise a cabinet close to a desired position while supporting the weight and still allowing for fine-tuning. Out of this need, the T-Jak Installation Support jacks were born.

What’s the Big Deal?

The T-Jak Cabinet Jack was originally designed to assist carpenters install wall cabinets easily. It does away with the need for using 2x4s and ledger boards for supporting cabinets, drywall, or anything else you need to hang at height.

While support tools might not be new to the industry, the T-Jak features a unique Quick-Release Knob that lets you easily adjust the tool to anywhere between 53″ and 84″ long. When you’ve got close to your desired position, the Quick-Release Knob engages the threaded rod to lock into place. Twisting the knob allows you to fine-tune the height to exactly where you need it. It supports up to 400 lbs. For more applicational flexibility, 1-, 2-, and 3-foot extensions are available as well.

You also have a few options for specialty work outside of what your original TJ-104 T-Jak can perform. The TJ-104D T-Jak Drywall and Cabinet Jack specialize in supporting plasterboard and drywall installed on the ceiling. This setup includes a T-Jak, a 2-foot extension, and a pair of drywall support brackets.

For jobs that require a shorter range, like wall cabinet installation after the bottom cabinets have been installed, look to the T-Jak Mini Brute Jack. It has a range of 15 to 24-inches.

T-Jaks come powder-coated with bright orange paint. All of the parts, including any extensions, have been finished to remove any burrs. Finally, all of the pieces assemble and disassemble quickly.

Pricing and Availability

You can find the T-Jak Installation Support Jacks lineup either at the T-Jak website or from any number of retailers. The pricing breakdown looks something like this:

  • TJ-104 T-Jak Original Cabinet Jack – $125.95
  • TJ-104 D T-Jak Drywall and Cabinet Jack – $145.95
  • MB-101 T-Jak Mini-Brute – $99.95
  • TE-101 1-Ft. Extension – $24.99
  • TE-102 2-Ft. Extension – $24.99
  • TE-103 3-Ft. Extension – $25.99

You can find the whole T-Jak catalog of products at the company website by clicking here.

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