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Wurth Zebra Universal Bit Assortment05

Screw Bit Types and Types of Screwdriver Bits | Pros and Cons

Manufacturers make screwdrivers to fit a wide variety of screw bit types. They come in various lengths, grips, and styles—all so that they can do a great job fastening screws. But which types of screwdriver bits do you use for what application—and which work the best? We’ll attempt to go through each—even the specialty bits—and […]

Second generation Milwaukee Shockwave bits

Second Gen Milwaukee Shockwave Bits and Accessories

Milwaukee announced 300 new accessory products in three different categories (concrete, metal, and wood). First up was the second generation of Milwaukee Shockwave bits which use a custom alloy 76 steel that can resist high shock. The heat treatment used is 4x longer than the original Shockwave bits. For a great overview of what to expect with […]

Klein Switch Drive

Klein Switch Drive System

Klein Switch Drive System Lets Users Switch Between Hand and Power Drivers At first glance, the Klein Switch Drive System looks an awful lot like an interchangeable bit (multi-bit) screwdriver. A closer look reveals that it is much more than just a fancy way of doing the same old thing. The glaring difference is that […]

Craftsman MACH Series

Craftsman MACH Series Shows off Innovation

The Craftsman MACH series of hand tools are designed for speed and efficiency. While Craftsman is already well known for their durability and strength, they have added some innovative features to so that your time on the job is well used. Craftsman MACH Series 10 piece Wrench Set It’s tough to think that you could […]

Klein Power Tool Accessories Line

A new line of Klein power tool accessories includes everything from power bit drivers to nut drivers and a power reamer. Jon Ginsberg from Klein tells us that “It was a natural evolution to take this expertise and create these tough, premium performance accessories for power tools. Now professionals can have all the quality they expect […]