Klein Switch Drive System

Klein Switch Drive

Klein Switch Drive System Lets Users Switch Between Hand and Power Drivers

At first glance, the Klein Switch Drive System looks an awful lot like an interchangeable bit (multi-bit) screwdriver. A closer look reveals that it is much more than just a fancy way of doing the same old thing. The glaring difference is that the old interchangeable bits were held in by a magnet. The Switch Drive System bits are held in by a 1/4″ quick release system very much like you find on an impact driver. This means that you can easily go between the use of the Klein Switch Drive and your drill/impact driver.

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Klein Switch Drive System Features

What’s the benefit? By using the Klein Switch Drive System, one set of bits is all you need for use with both hand tools and power tools when fastening. Let’s face it, most of us are using drills and impact drivers to do the majority of our fastening. Often, when installing an outlet cover, we prefer the finesse of a hand tool to avoid damage. Since you are already buying the bits for your drill/driver, utilizing the Switch Drive System means that you don’t need to purchase another set just for the hand tool.

Klein Tools’ Project Manager Jon Ginsberg tells us that “While the use of power drills for fastening is on the rise, the ratio of hand tool vs. power tool use is 50/50. The Klein Tools Switch Drive Handle System offers a quick and easy way to alternate between the handle and the drill, without sacrificing the durability or performance demanded of Klein’s professional tools.”


The Klein Switch Drive System is available in two sets. The Power Nut Driver Set (32759) includes the Switch Drive Handle as well as two-inch 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″ Power Nut Drivers. Klein’s Power Blade Set (32700) includes the Switch Drive Handle, #2 six-inch square Power Blade, and #2 six-inch Phillips Power Blade. The Power Nut Driver Set is currently running $35.99 on Amazon while the Power Blade Set is $20.99.

Klein Switch Drive

For more information, visit Klein”s website or take a look at the video:

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