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DeWalt Laser Distance Measures

DeWalt Laser Distance Measurers Compared

DeWalt has several models of laser distance measures. With a variety of features that support a range of leveling and layout applications, DeWalt Laser Distance Measures deliver a variety of accuracies and convenience to the jobsite. Ranging from 30-foot to over 330-foot working ranges, these LDMs all retail for less than $100 and some feature […]

Klein Bluetooth Jobsite Earbuds AESEB1

Klein Earbuds Provide High-Quality Stereo Audio While Protecting Your Hearing Klein tells us that one of the main causes of hearing loss is loud sounds and exposure to noisy environments like construction sites. To combat this, Klein has released the Bluetooth Jobsite Earbuds. These earbuds not only provide passive hearing protection, but they also provide […]

Milwaukee One-Key technology

Milwaukee One-Key Tool Technology – All You Need to Know

We first saw Milwaukee One-Key tool technology demonstrated in 2015. Since then, the Bluetooth-based system has continued to improve and mature. It offers several integrated technologies that take brushless tools to their logical conclusion. In particular, Milwaukee One-Key offers three things: Advanced tool control, jobsite reporting, and power tool inventory control (including a form of […]

Using DeWalt Tool Connect: The Definitive Guide

Using DeWalt Tool Connect: The Definitive Guide

Connected tools are no longer just the domain of Milwaukee ONE-KEY. DeWalt is the second (and surely not the last) to push into the field of smart tools with user control and customization. But is using DeWalt Tool Connect as easy as they make it sound? And what can you actually do with it? Those […]

Milwaukee One-Key review

Using Milwaukee One-Key Hands-on Review

We did some in-depth testing of the latest Milwaukee One-Key hammer drill and impact driver. For the record, the non-One-Key models simply lack the integrated Bluetooth-based tracking and tool control. We’ve already covered the full features of Milwaukee One-Key technology, but this Milwaukee One-Key review focuses on actually using Milwaukee On-Key software hands-on. We provide a bit more detailed […]

DeWalt Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

DeWalt 12V/20V Max Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

Premium Sound in the Toughest Environments Kill the tedium of the workday with the DeWalt DCR028B Bluetooth Jobsite Radio. With its 12V/20V power source flexibility and near-bulletproof design, you can easily listen to your favorite radio stations, podcasts, or streaming services. We like the portability, flexibility, and features on this radio and think it works […]

ISOtunes Free wireless earphones

ISOtunes Free Wireless Earphones Review

Having already reviewed the ISOtunes Xtra earphones and ISOtunes Pro earphones, we feel the brand has done its homework. When they recently announced the ISOtunes Free wireless earphones we saw a product that takes on Apple Airpods with OSHA specific noise limits in mind. All the sound quality with none of the ambient noise issues […]

DeWalt DCR028

DeWalt DCR028 Bluetooth Radio | 12V and 20V No-Charger Option

DeWalt DCR028 Bluetooth Radio Packs Big Sound in a Small Package The DeWalt DCR028 Bluetooth Radio throws sound at you and your crew from a tough and space-saving design. At only 8.25 lbs, it’s considerably smaller than the similar-looking DeWalt DCR025 Bluetooth speaker. DeWalt DCR028 Bluetooth Radio Key Features We can hit the “legacy” features […]

Star Trek KeySmart Pro Key Holder with Tile

Star Trek KeySmart Pro Key Holder with Tile

If you haven’t heard of Tile, you should look it up. The company uses very small devices that run on battery power and connect to a mesh Bluetooth network. You can attach Tile devices to almost anything. It feels a lot like having Milwaukee One-Key for your keys…or maybe the other way around. They also […]

Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System

Become a Chef Without the Hassle of Learning How to Cook! I’m pretty competent in the kitchen, but by no means could I be classified as a “really good cook.” Basically, I know how to follow directions the first time I run through a recipe, and then I generally just kind of ad-lib my way […]