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Festool Remote Control and Bluetooth Battery

Festool Remote Control and Bluetooth Battery

You may have noticed a new Festool remote control module along with new Festool Bluetooth battery options have quietly made their way to the US market. With other smart tools and Bluetooth options from nearly every major tool manufacturer, is Festool just jumping on the battery tracking bandwagon? Umm… no. That’s not the way they roll. […]

Review8.4(out of 10)
Klein Tools Wireless Jobsite Speaker

Klein Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

We all love our tools but what about our tunes, man? Sometimes it’s the music that helps get you through a tough day at work. Or what if you missed the latest episode of PTR Live? You could get up to speed on all the latest tool news while you work. It’s likely that your […]

DeWalt 20V Max Rotary Laser

DeWalt 20V Max Rotary Laser Video

World of Concrete in Las Vegas usually gives us a chance to see the cool, new stuff coming out for the upcoming year. This last year was no different, and DeWalt gave us plenty to look forward to. The DeWalt 20V Max Rotary Laser provides a solution for coupling a long-distance rotary laser with DeWalt’s […]

Bosch Bluehound Tool Management System Video

One of the more technological advances at the 2018 World of Concrete included a new Bluetooth technology from Bosch. Bosch Bluehound is an asset management system designed with larger construction companies in mind. The new Bosch Bluehound system will, ideally, help with tracking tools, trucks, and other assets to and from the jobsite. It delivers […]

Makita Auto-Start Wireless System Video

Makita Auto-Start Wireless System Video

Makita Auto-Start Wireless System (or AWS, for short) is a new technology from Makita that uses Bluetooth technology to do what has previously been impossible with cordless tools. No, it’s not infinite runtime. It’s all about auto tool activation. With corded tools and a dust extractor with auto tool activation, you plug the dust extractor […]

Ridgid 18V 9.0 Amp Hour Bluetooth Battery Ridgid 18V 6.0 Amp Hour Bluetooth Battery

Ridgid 18V 9.0 Amp Hour Bluetooth Battery

Ridgid has just unveiled the latest in their battery technology – and they’re not backing down from the latest innovation. The Ridgid 18V 9.0 amp hour Bluetooth battery and smaller 6.0 amp hour Bluetooth battery pack are set to compete with the likes of Milwaukee and DeWalt. Both maintain Ridgid’s commitment to their 18V platform […]

Bosch BlueHound Asset Management System

Bosch BlueHound Asset Management System

Bosch Bluehound Asset Management System is the latest smart tool system to enter the fray. The cloud-based system is accessible on the web or mobile app, so you can access your data from anywhere you have a data connection. There’s no more wondering if you can recover a hard drive that crashes. Currently, Bosch Bluehound is […]

Review9.1(out of 10)
Top 5 Best Ryobi Gifts for Christmas

RYOBI Score Wireless Speakers Review

Those who know me remember that in my “former life” I reviewed home theater equipment. That included everything from $25,000 speakers and $1,000 headphones to the latest craze: wireless speakers. Ryobi Score Wireless Speakers include the Ryobi P760 and P761 and present an interesting take on wireless Bluetooth speakers by using a technology called SKAA. […]

DeWalt Laser Distance Measure Line Expands with Tool Connect

DeWalt has recently introduced three models of laser distance measurer. With a variety of features that support a range of leveling and layout applications, the new DeWalt Laser Distance Measure models deliver a variety of accuracies and convenience to the jobsite. Available in 3 different models ranging from 30-foot to 100-foot working ranges, these LDMs […]

Milwaukee Tick

Milwaukee Tick Tool & Equipment Tracker

By now, there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard that the Milwaukee Tick Tool and Equipment Tracker has been announced. We wanted to take a little time to really consider the significance of this innovation and what it means for the industry as a whole moving forward. When Milwaukee One-Key technology was first introduced, […]