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Makita Auto-Start Wireless System Video

Makita Auto-Start Wireless System (or AWS, for short) is a new technology from Makita that uses Bluetooth technology to do what has previously been impossible with cordless tools. No, it’s not infinite runtime. It’s all about auto tool activation.

With corded tools and a dust extractor with auto tool activation, you plug the dust extractor into the wall and the tool into the extractor. When the dust extractor senses power running to the tool, it automatically kicks on. With cordless tools, there’s the obvious lack of a cord for the tool to signal the extractor.


Makita Auto-Start Wireless System solves this problem. How?

Check out the video. Or if you’d rather read about it, check out our article by clicking here.

Makita Auto-Start Wireless System Compatible Tools

  • Makita XSL04ZU 18V X2 LXT 10″ Miter Saw with AWS – Winter 2018
  • Makita XPS02ZU 18V X2 LXT Plunge Cut Saw with AWS – Winter 2018
  • Makita XRH07PTU 18V X2 LXT 1-9/16″ AVT Rotary Hammer with AWS – January 2018
  • Makita XAG17ZU 18V LXT 5″ Paddle Switch Grinder with AWS – February 2018
  • Makita XAG17ZU 18V LXT 5″ Slide Switch Grinder with AWS – February 2018
  • Makita XCV08Z 18V X2 2.1 Gallon HEPA Dry Dust Extractor with AWS – January 2018



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