May 16, 2021

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how to build a pergola swing

How to Build a Small Pergola Swing

I remember making the 45-minute drive with my dad to go pick up a swing for mom some 20 years ago. It was a simple A-frame and had heart-shaped holes cut in the bench. It wouldn’t fit in the back of his pickup, so we had it ridiculously straddling the bed while I sat holding […]

How To Use A Miter Saw

How to Use a Miter Saw: Training the Apprentice

Thinking about a job in construction? Understanding how to use a miter saw for trim work gives you a leg up on one of the most basic job site skills. A miter saw works best for trim projects requiring accurate straight, beveled, and/or mitered cuts. In its simplest form, the miter saw makes angled or […]

How To Tile A Shower

How to Tile a Shower: Tiling a Shower Like a Pro!

So you’re looking for tips on how to tile a shower. I’m glad you landed here! I’ll give you some quick pointers from many years’ of experience from two starting points. Step 1 of How to Tile a Shower – Get a Clean Start A client tasked us with turning a tub into a shower, […]

repair fill cracked concrete joints

How to Repair Concrete Expansion Joints

Repair Concrete Expansion Joints Early to Save Time and Money Thanks to botched install (not one of our crews), we had the pleasure of restoring concrete expansion joints at a local church. If you’re not sure how to repair concrete expansion joints or you’re looking for an easier way to get it done, you’ve come […]

Troubleshooting & Fixing Electrical Problems with Home Appliances

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Electrical Problems with Home Appliances

Not every seemingly broken appliance requires a service call. The most common problems with household appliances are mechanical in nature. You may have a broken or worn-out component (such as a switch or motor). A loose wire or a bad connection can also cause easily-fixable problems. If they want to, any homeowner can learn how […]

how to use a circular saw

How to Use a Circular Saw – Training the Apprentice

When we think about essential tools for the construction site, the circular saw makes its way somewhere toward the top of the list. As a person trying to get into the biz, it makes sense to know how to use a circular saw. The circular saw is often the tool of choice for making short, […]

How To Use A Jigsaw

How to Use a Jigsaw on ALL Materials

In this edition of our Training the Apprentice series, we’re looking at how to use a jigsaw. The jigsaw, or saber saw, might be one of the most versatile tools you’ll pick up. It can tackle straight cuts, patterns, curves, and plunge cuts, and it can cut through a variety of materials. The jigsaw is […]

how to board up abandoned houses

How to Board Up Abandoned Houses

Many reasons exist for you to want to know how to board up abandoned houses. An abandoned house presents a host of challenges for neighbors in a community. While possibly indicative of an area struggling economically, sometimes abandoned houses simply represent a property that would otherwise have upward potential in a slumped economy. However, an […]

TIG welding

Comparing MIG, TIG, or Stick Welding – Which is Best?

It can take quite a while to become proficient at the art and science of welding. First, a welder must develop technical skills for the craft itself. Next, he or she also has to understand the constraints of material type, size, location, power source, budget, and more. In the end, fabricating metal is practical, satisfying, and (potentially) […]

How To Use A Voltmeter

How to Use a Voltmeter or Multimeter: Training the Apprentice

Testing voltage follows a simple process. For those of you new to electrical testing, we asked our resident Pro how they might teach an apprentice how to use a voltmeter or multimeter. Once you know how to use a multimeter, you can move on to troubleshooting and fixing electrical problems, verifying power at outlets, checking […]