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installing radiant heat barrier attic reach barrier

Installing Reach Barrier Silvertanium Radiant Heat Blocking Material

Living in Florida means keeping cool indoors. If you have a new AC unit, but you still have difficulty getting the temperatures lower, radiant barrier insulation can help. Installing Reach Barrier Silvertanium radiant heat blocking material helped us reduce the amount of heat entering the attic space in a large residential home. It’s made in […]

Installing Radiant Barrier pole barn

How to Install Radiant Barrier in a Shop Using AtticFoil

To solve the problem of a very hot work environment, we set about installing radiant barrier in a shop using AtticFoil. We chose AtticFoil for our radiant barrier installation for several reasons. First, they manufacture rolls in multiple sizes. While AtticFoil sells more 48-inch rolls than anything else, we selected 26-inch wide rolls to span […]

How to Install a Commercial Wall Exhaust Fan

How to Install a Commercial Wall Exhaust Fan

There may not be a more economical way to cool down a large shop than to install a commercial exhaust fan. Let’s face it, options are limited once you exceed 2400 square feet. You could install an AC unit, but that involves a huge up-front expense in both hardware and insulation. It also involves the ongoing costs to […]

Insulation for Warm Climates

Home Insulation for Warm Climates

It wasn’t until I moved down south that I realized how important insulation for warm climates could be. You see, I really like old houses. I like them so much that I decided to move my family into a 3 bedroom bungalow and renovate it while we lived there. It only took a couple of months for me to […]

Radiant barrier effects temperature comparison

What is Radiant Barrier and Why It Works

If you’ve looked into ways to gain energy efficiency in your attic, you may have come across radiant barrier technology. Understanding what is radiant barrier and why it works can help you shave hundreds off your electricity costs. What is Radiant Barrier? A radiant barrier blocks “radiating” UV heat that would otherwise penetrate and heat […]