October 24, 2021

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Werner LeanSafe Ladder

Werner LeanSafe Ladder

Werner LeanSafe Ladder Loves a Good Stud to Lean On You take your chances when you try to lean a standard stepladder against a wall, stud, pole, or corner. But the new Werner LeanSafe ladder laughs at these obstacles to your productivity. With its corner hugging design and no-mar pad, you don’t need to risk […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Little Giant King Kombo Ladder

Little Giant King Kombo 3-in-1 Extension Ladder

Little Giant King Kombo Offers Lightweight, Highly Functional Design The new Little Giant King Kombo packs 3 ladder styles into 1 lightweight design. They claim it’s the first of its kind and there’s little room for argument there. But is just a gimmick or did Little Giant make a giant step forward to expand what […]

Werner Multi-Purpose Fiberglass Pro Ladder Review

The new Werner Multi-Purpose Fiberglass Pro Ladder is similar to a combination A-frame and extension ladder with some added versatility. It’s similar to what you see from Little Giant’s Leveler Ladder with some Werner ingenuity applied to it. It comes in three sizes – 13, 17, or 22 feet. We have the 13-foot model to put […]

Review8.5(out of 10)
Little Giant Leveler Ladder Review

Little Giant Leveler Ladder Review

Ladders come in all shapes and sizes, yet there’s one universal truth – having the right ladder for the job at hand not only makes the job easier but also safer. At the Pro Tool Reviews headquarters in central Florida, we keep several different ladders on hand. An extension ladder, a platform ladder, a standard […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Little Giant Hyperlite Extension Ladder Review

Little Giant Hyperlite Extension Ladder Review

Ladders are ladders, right? They’re dead useful until a safety inspector or OSHA shows up and tells you all the ways you’re using it wrong. Little Giant doesn’t think it has to be that hard to use – or that heavy to haul around for that matter. With the introduction of the Little Giant HyperLite […]

best podium ladder Werner PD6210-4C

Why You Should Buy a Podium Ladder

A podium ladder can be a Godsend for many tradesmen. We like them because—for ladders—they offer unmatched stability while working overhead. While not everyone loves them the same, part of loving any tool is understanding the importance of its use. Ladders have different designs for different purposes, and the podium ladder is no different. We teamed […]

10 Ways To Avoid Ladder Injuries

10 Ways to Avoid Ladder Injuries

It was like we were back in school. Recently roofingcontractor.com gave us a pop quiz on ladder safety. We broke out in a sweat. But there was no getting around the imminent revealing of ignorance. We’ve used ladders and lived to tell the tale, so we know what we’re doing, right? Maybe your run of ladder safety was just […]

Review8.0(out of 10)
best podium ladder Werner PD6210-4C

Werner PD6210-4C Fiberglass Podium Ladder with Casters

When I was a kid, my dad helped me “conquer” my fear of heights by taking me on antenna jobs with him. We’d climb multi-story buildings and mount rigid pipe for VHF and UHF antennas. Big fun for a pre-teen, but it got me used to being up high. When I first laid eyes on the Werner […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Gorilla GLF-5X Hybrid Ladder featured

Gorilla GLF-5X Hybrid Ladder Review

I love testing and reviewing ladders as evidenced by articles like How to choose the right ladder. They’re one of the most important and least recognized heroes on the jobsite. They’re also the most often stolen tool, but that’s another issue…Ladders are getting a whole lot of attention from OSHA fall protection efforts and other regulatory […]

super dogs ladder adventure

Tool Toons: Super Dogs Ladder Adventure

The Power Pups team is a team of super dogs that each have their own special powers. There are currently 5 members in the team. Their names are Harly, Holly, Jake, Star, and Ace. The Power pups usually carry tools around with them to help on their missions…of course, most of their missions are really just […]