Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder Review MT-14IAA

Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder

Fresh on the heels of the Werner Leansafe ladder announcement, the Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder offers sixteen positions over five configurations with a focus on lightweight durability and safety. It’s among a raft of premium ladders competing to be the Pro tradesman’s climbing equipment, so it fits the bill for handy DIYers and homeowners, too. See if it’s a step above your current ladder in this review.


  • Single and double-sided step, extension, wall, and stairway ladder that separates into scaffolding base
  • Strong J-lock locking mechanism and hinges
  • Wider top and bottom for stability
  • Powerlight rail technology keeps ladder weight to 23.5 pounds while offering a 375-pound load capacity
  • Compact for easy storage and transport
  • Rubberized feet


  • A caveat, not a con: you might find the slack angle of the wall ladder configuration to be awkward

Can a Ladder Be Both Sturdy and Flexible?

Around 100,000 people per year fall from ladders. Some of those falls are undoubtedly operator error. Still, a sturdy ladder in the right configuration can improve safety. Knowing how to choose the best ladder can save you some hassle. The aluminum Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder offers five types of ladders and sixteen positions to keep you as safe and as productive as possible.

First, it’s a single- or double-sided step ladder. One or two people can use it at once in the A-frame position but it doesn’t mean that one person can simply lean the folded ladder against a wall. Always unfold it to the A-frame position for use as a step ladder. If the ladder remains folded and leaned against a wall, there’s a tendency for it to tip backward when you’re on the bottom rung.

The Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder transforms into an extension ladder using the oversized push knobs.

Werner MT-14IAA ladder adjust

Four flared legs make the base and top wider than the rest of the ladder. This stabilizes the ladder as your weight shifts on ascent and descent. It also affords you a little leeway if you accidentally (and dangerously!) get a shoulder outside the main rail.

Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder house

Using the Werner MT-14IAA Ladder Against Walls

By extending one side of the Werner ladder farther than the other in the A-frame position, it becomes a wall ladder with the short side flush against the wall and the climbing side angled toward it. This configuration gets you close to your work without leaning over or away from the ladder. However, it angles the rungs downward by about 18°, making for less secure footing than the normal ~0°.

Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder wall

As the name implies, the stairway ladder configuration allows you to negotiate steps. This is particularly helpful for cleaning gutters above a porch, painting, changing stairwell light bulbs, and more.

Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder stairs

Finally, the inner and outer rails separate to form both sides of a scaffolding base with no extra tools required. While not unique to Werner ladders, I find this feature remarkably handy and efficient.

Werner ladder scaffolding

The ladder weighs a fairly light 23.5 pounds. It fully collapses into a very compact package that stores and transports easily.

A <25-lb Ladder with a 375-lb Load Capacity

The Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder achieves its excellent performance with its new Powerlite Rails, improved J-locks, and telescoping design. Powerlite keeps the aluminum ladder to 23.5 pounds while allowing its 375-pound load capacity. The four aluminum J-locks are spring-loaded, passing through the inner and outer rails and securely holding the ladder in position. Its telescoping design easily extends and collapses as you lock or release the independently-moving J-locks. Just be sure you’re holding the inner rails when you release the last J-lock to protect your hands.

Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder adjust

The Werner ladder is literally capped off with mar-resistant feet. Just be sure to brush them off when moving from outside work to inside work in case there’s rough debris that could damage floors or stairs.

How Much Does the Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder Cost?

The Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder is available in 14 (reviewed), 18, 22, and 26-foot models. Our version, the MT-14IAA, will set you back a very reasonable $124. Here’s a look at some of the competition (some with less than a 375-pound load capacity).

  • Gorilla GLMPX-13: $119
  • Tacklife 17-ft Multi-Use Ladder: $159.97
  • Louisville Ladder L-2098-13: $142.15
  • Werner MT-14IAA: $124
  • Little Giant, 15413-001: $149.98

The Bottom Line

The Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder series functions flawlessly as five ladders in one with sixteen height adjustments. You get a step ladder that two people can use at once with its 375-pound load capacity, an extension ladder, a wall ladder, a stair ladder, and scaffolding bases. Its flared legs, aluminum J-locks, and beefy hinge system give you stability on ascent and descent. For Pros and DIYers alike, we find this an indispensable climbing and safety tool at a reasonable price.

Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder MT-14IAA Specifications

  • Model Number: MT-14IAA
  • Number of Positions: 16
  • Load Capacity: 375lb
  • Closed Dimensions (inches):
    • Height: 42.9
    • Length: 9
    • Width: 21.9
  • Duty Rating Type: IAA Duty Rating
  • Certifications ANSI certified, OSHA compliant
  • Ladder Weight: 23.5 pounds
  • Bracing Type Aluminum
  • Reach Heights
    • Extension Ladder 14ft 3in
    • Step Ladder 9ft 4in
    • Reach Height Stairway 9ft 4in
    • Wall Ladder 9ft
    • Scaffold 8ft 7in
  • Highest Standing Level – Extension Ladder 7ft 7in
  • Extension Dimensions
    • Height 7ft to 11ft
    • Extension Ladder Open Length 13ft
    • Extension Ladder/Straight Ladder Height 7ft to 11ft
  • Project Height 1 story (1-10ft)
  • Scaffold Height 2ft 1 in
  • Stairway Ladder Open Height 21.9in
  • Stepladder Height 3ft to 5ft
  • Rails Dimension 2.9in
  • Rung Dimension 1.125in
  • Stair Height 3ft to 5ft

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