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Review9.2(out of 10)
Kapro Condor Box Level

Kapro Condor Box Level with OptiVision

Any tradesman will tell you that starting on a plumb, level, and square foundation really makes work easier. And every tradesman can tell you pain-in-the-neck stories of accommodating for the sloppy workmanship of the previous guy. So it’s the lack of using good tools like the Kapro Condor box level, right? Well, sometimes there are […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
Kapro Torpedo Level with Optivision

Kapro Torpedo Level with OptiVision Review

It’s commonly known that a longer level produces more accurate measurements than a shorter one. A 4- or 6-foot level (or longer) is likely pretty accurate across a span longer than the level, but it’s really just extrapolation and trust in your tool. Ideally, you’d have a level that was as long as the distance […]

Review8.9(out of 10)
Milwaukee Pocket Level

Milwaukee Pocket Level Review 48-22-5102

Pocket levels come in a variety of forms, from little more than a vial in a block to ones with cast metal housings. Features and prices vary widely as well. Levels like the Milwaukee Pocket Level earn their keep from checking for level conditions in tight spaces or for quick verifications. Milwaukee doesn’t typically make […]

StudPop Level: A Better Stud Finder?

StudPop Level: A Better Stud Finder?

The StudPop is an update on the humble magnetic stud finder. Swap out the old magnet and pop in a rare earth magnet and you get a more effective model. It’s just as simple to use as the old one in my Dad’s toolbox and a couple of levels up in effectiveness. Now we have […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Kapro Pocket Level Review: 946 Smarty Optivision Red

Kapro Pocket Level Review: 946 Smarty Optivision Red

We have a flood of levels that showed up for our recent buying guide, including several from Kapro’s Optivision lineup. While we sent a couple out to other Pros, I’m keeping my hands on the Kapro Pocket Level – their 946 Smarty – for a few good reasons. You can’t make a great level without […]

Level App: Can Pro's Trust Their Smartphone?

Level App: Can Pros Trust Their Smartphones?

There are several “tools” running around via app that you can download – many for free – to replace some basic tools you might have. Some of them are pretty tempting. So I decided to give one of the popular level app tools a shot to see if it can replace the pocket level that […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Klein Tools Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level

Klein Tools Cross-Line Laser Level Review

Lasers don’t seem to get any less cool no matter how old I get. Sure, instead of toys they are tools now, but that’s no matter. I guess I could still use a laser-equipped tool to pretend I have a lightsaber or make the cat go crazy when no one’s looking. But in my adult […]

Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2017

Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2017

The 2017 edition of the Milwaukee New Product Symposium didn’t feature a massive overarching new technology like One-Key or Fuel have in the past. Each of the core trades did come away as big winners though and everyone will love the newest portable storage solution – Milwaukee PackOut. So whether you were able to follow […]

Top 10 Tools at Milwaukee NPS 2017

Top 10 Tools at Milwaukee NPS 2017

Milwaukee NPS 2017 (that’s New Product Symposium) showcased the latest and upcoming tools for the next 6 months from the popular Pro brand. As usual, Pro Tool Reviews made the trip to cover the show on social media and gather our thoughts to give you an idea of what’s hot. For our video coverage, we […]

New CST/Berger Rotary Laser RL50HVCK Announced

New CST/Berger Rotary Laser RL50HVCK Announced

CST/berger recently introduced the RL50HVCK Horizontal/Vertical CST/berger Rotary Laser for precision outdoor leveling, grading, and excavating of concrete, formwork, footings, and foundations. The laser is self-leveling and accurate to ±1/16 of an inch at 100 feet and features single axis slope control, an Anti-Drift System (ADS), a glass-enclosed top housing, over-molded housing in impact areas, an IP56 rated […]