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Bosch 6-Bay Battery Charger | GAL18V6-80

Bosch 6-Battery Charger Increases 18V Charging Convenience and Speed If you’ve got multiple Bosch batteries and could stand a quick and convenient way to get them all charged up, you now have that option available. The Bosch GAL18V6-80 6-Bay Battery Charger offers 4x the charging current of a standard charger, using a two-cycle charging method […]

Milwaukee Dual Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger

Milwaukee Dual Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger 48-59-1802

Milwaukee is releasing another charging option for M18 battery users. The Milwaukee Dual Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger can charge two M18 batteries at once, and Milwaukee says it does it 3X faster than standard sequential chargers. What’s the Big Deal? Most of the important information that you need to know about the M18 Dual Bay […]

Milwaukee M18 Sequential Charger 48-59-1806 Preview

Until now, each charger took up a considerable amount of space and arranging six chargers in a row on a wall meant taking up around 4 feet of linear space. The new charger looks to be roughly 11″ x 8″ and comes with integrated hang holes for vertical mounting. We’re hoping the mounting points can […]