Flex 24V 4-Port Simultaneous Rapid Charger

Get Back To Work Faster With The Flex 24V Simultaneous Rapid Charger

Battery collections can build up more quickly than we expect, which is a good thing when we’re talking about jobsite power. Having more than one battery on the job minimizes downtime, but managing multiple individual chargers… that’s a different story. The Flex 24V 4-Port Rapid Charger steps up to the plate to offer you a faster, more streamlined option. So, what does it bring to the table?

Flex 24V 4-Port Rapid Charger Overview

  • Model: Flex FX0451-Z
  • 280W of power per port
  • Simultaneous charging
  • Fully charges all four ports in as little as 30 minutes
  • Battery level indicators
  • Battery Lock System prevents accidental disconnection during recharging
  • Compatible with Flex Stack Pack storage solutions
  • Collapsible carrying handle

The Flex 4-Port Rapid Charger delivers 280W of power to each port for a total power output of 1120W. The ports, and by extension your batteries, are powered simultaneously, as opposed to the sequential charging that is commonly found in multi-port chargers.

Flex tells us it fully charges four 2.5Ah or 5.0Ah batteries in as little as 30 minutes, or half the time compared to standard 150W chargers from other brands.

Indicator lights above each port tell you the level of charge each battery has, and a battery lock system prevents accidental disconnection while your batteries charge.

This charger is also compatible with the Flex Stack Pack modular storage system for easy organization and transport to and from the jobsite.

Flex 4-Port Charger On Stack Pack

Flex 24V 4-Port Rapid Charger Price

This rapid charger retails for $289 wherever Flex tools and equipment are sold. Flex protects it with a lifetime warranty when you register it within 30 days.

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