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Dust-Lok Drill Bits vacuum adapter

Milwaukee SDS+ Dust-Lok Dustless Drill Bits

Every once in a while we get a sneak peek at a product that looks really innovative. Unfortunately, sometimes those cool products aren’t yet available in the USA. So while you can’t yet purchase the Milwaukee SDS+ Dust-Lok dustless drill bits in the States, we still want to tell you about them. These bits look […]

What is Tungsten Carbide and Why is it So Popular on Tool Accessories?

Tungsten carbide is all over the power tool industry. Often shortened to just carbide, there are actually more blends than just with tungsten. Quite often, we get asked the question: “What is tungsten carbide?” To give you the best possible answer, we interview manufacturers. We wanted to dig a little deeper into this material to […]

Milwaukee MX4 Rotary Hammer Bits

Milwaukee MX4 Rotary Hammer Drill Bits

Milwaukee MX4 Bits Even Tackle Rebar Milwaukee released its MX4 Rotary Hammer Bits that come in both SDS-Plus and SDS-Max formats. These bits feature a 4-cutter solid carbide head to drill through the toughest, rebar-reinforced concrete. Concrete Meets Its Match…Again Milwaukee tells us that the MX4 bits have the goods to last 5x longer in […]

Top 10 Tools at Milwaukee NPS 2017

Top 10 Tools at Milwaukee NPS 2017

Milwaukee NPS 2017 (that’s New Product Symposium) showcased the latest and upcoming tools for the next 6 months from the popular Pro brand. As usual, Pro Tool Reviews made the trip to cover the show on social media and gather our thoughts to give you an idea of what’s hot. For our video coverage, we […]

How to Remove Tile the Easy Way

How to Remove Tile the Easy Way – Like a Pro

Near the top of the list of difficult jobs to avoid is tile removal. But somehow you drew the short straw and it’s time to get on with it. It’s discouraging to ask for professional advice and hear “it’s not that easy” every time. But you do have some options to make the job less […]

Bosch Speed-X Concrete Hammer Bits

We turn to Bosch accessories frequently when it comes to hole making. Bosch Daredevil spade bits and Daredevil hole saws get frequent use in our head-to-head comparisons. But are Bosch accessories still as good when you move from wood to concrete? You betcha! We recently reviewed the powerful Bosch RH1255VC SDS-Max Rotary Hammer and brought […]