Milwaukee SDS+ Dust-Lok Dustless Drill Bits

Dust-Lok Drill Bits vacuum adapter

Every once in a while we get a sneak peek at a product that looks really innovative. Unfortunately, sometimes those cool products aren’t yet available in the USA. So while you can’t yet purchase the Milwaukee SDS+ Dust-Lok dustless drill bits in the States, we still want to tell you about them. These bits look similar to the Hilti Hollow Core Drill bits and Bosch Speed Clean bits. The conspicuous difference is that Milwaukee separates the dust collection head from the bits themselves. That means you can buy a full set without having to pay for the shaft and dust collection port each time.

It actually makes a whole lot of sense.

Milwaukee SDS+ Dust-Lok Dustless Drill Bits – The Big Deal

The line includes SDS+ drill bits ranging from 5mm-12mm. However, Milwaukee Dust-Lok SDS Plus bits feature a tool-free bayonet locking mechanism. The SDS Plus bits actually detach from the dust extractor collection portion of the bit. The main difference between this product and similar dustless drill bits like the Milwaukee SDS Max vacuum bits (aside from the bit size) is the inclusion of this separate Dust-Lok SDS-Plus adapter.

Milwaukee Dust-Lok Drill Bits lineup

Like other hollow core drill bits, twin holes at the tip of the bit let the connected vac absorb dust right where it’s created. The dust extraction adapter fits all SDS+ rotary hammers, and the vacuum attachment should be compatible with most dust extractors. While it should work with the current line of Milwaukee M18 FUEL wet dry vacuums, we imagine Milwaukee Tool might have some dust extraction solutions coming before too long.

Milwaukee claims a 99% dust reduction when using the SDS+ Dust-Lok attachment system. The accessories are fairly certain to pass OSHA Table 1 compliance standards.

Milwaukee Dust-Lok bits

We don’t yet have any pricing and availability information on Milwaukee Dust-Lok bits. Still, we’re excited to see these new modular dustless SDS Plus bits when they eventually come to the North American market.

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