Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Wet Dry Vacuum Review

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Introduces Versatility Like Never Before

When Milwaukee invited us up to get a sneak peek of “jobsite cleanup” solutions, we were curious what they would have behind the curtain. Our wildest guesses were dead wrong, and the reality of Milwaukee M18 Fuel cordless wet dry vacuums is far better.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Configurations and Design

Power Sources

There are three preconfigured Milwaukee cordless vacuums on the way with two powerheads. One runs on a single M18 battery and comes on a 6-gallon canister.

The other powerhead uses two M18 batteries in series to run at 36V with the advantage that they’re 100% compatible with the M18 lineup. That powerhead comes on 9- and 12-gallon canisters.

The vacuums were designed around M18 High Output batteries, so be sure you use those to get the best performance. You can certainly use other M18 packs if you want, but you’ll get a bit of a drop in suction.

Milwaukee M18 High Output Battery

If you’d like to stick with AC power, A separate corded until is also coming soon.

Modular Design

One unique feature of the Milwaukee M18 Fuel wet dry vacuum system is its interchangeability. Every head fits every canister, you can use whichever hose size you like, and the carts are all cross-compatible. It’s a really big deal. These are pieces you can configure:

  • Single-battery or two-battery head unit
  • 6-,9-, or 12-gallon canister
  • 4-caster standard cart or premium cart with telescoping handle and large fixed rear wheels
Milwaukee M18 Fuel Wet Dry Vacuum Review

Here are just a few advantages of the modular design:

  • Separate wet-application canisters from dry without buying completely separate vacs
  • Use only the canister size you need for the job at hand
  • Ditch the weight of the wheels when you don’t need the vac to roll around

Improved Durability

Two major pain points on many shop vacuums come from hose and wheel failures. Milwaukee targeted both.

The anti-static hose is more flexible than most and resists kinking better. Even if it does kink, it comes back to its original shape far better than others.

It’s also more durable. In a torture test where Milwaukee’s hose and two other standard hoses were twisted over and over again, the standard ones broke pretty early on while Milwaukee’s never did. We’re certain it would eventually and the hose wasn’t usable at the end of the test, but it did show us how much more durable the materials and construction are.

Anti-static hose

The wheels get a big upgrade as well. The standard cart has four 360° locking casters that are larger and more robust than typical shop vac wheels. They also have a rubberized tread that helps them deal with vibration much better. The premium cart has two front casters and two larger rear wheels.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Wet Dry Vacuum Review

In another durability test, a competing vac’s first wheel broke after a little more than 8 miles of bumpy travel. Milwaukee’s was still going strong after more than 50 miles.

Hose and Accessory Management

To store the hose, there’s a combination of a C-clip on the side and a bungee-type cord on the rear. You can wrap the hose in either direction, but you need it to come around to the bungee twice to get it to hold. The flat-to-flat interface needs the tension from a second wrap around to hold properly and just one section of the hose isn’t enough on its own.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Wet Dry Vacuum Review

Accessories primarily store on the cart. While some vacs have storage points on each wheel, Milwaukee gives them all room on the rear of the cart. Both 1 7/8-inch and 2 1/2-inch accessories fit on both cart styles.

Filter Changes/Cleaning

Some filters cause you to pop them for removal and cause a cloud of dust to escape into the area you just cleaned. Milwaukee only needs a slight twist to release, containing the dust far better and making it an easy one-hand operation.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Additional Features

  • 1 7/8-inch hose and accessories come with the 6- and 9-gallon units
  • 2 1/2-inch hose and accessories come with the 12-gallon unit
  • Side drain plug (useable on or off the cart)
  • Flat top allows you to stack other items on top of the vacuum
  • Hoses and accessories are color-coded: gray for 1 7/8-inch and red for 2 1/2-inch
  • Dry, wet, and HEPA filters will be available

Answers to Some of Our Questions

  • These vacs are not Packout compatible (but others coming down the road will be)
  • They’re not hybrid corded/cordless, and they cannot charge your batteries
  • They’re not Table 1 compliant, but Milwaukee is working on Objective Data documentation for specific concrete applications

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Jobsite Vacuum Performance


If you’re looking to compare these vacuums to corded equivalents, the power output isn’t a great indicator. In one test with the 9-gallon vacs, the corded competitor was pulling 1100 watts while Milwaukee’s pulled just 450… with higher suction (74 CFM vs 101 CFM). Still, context is helpful and you can expect performance that exceeds 3.5 peak HP vacs from the single battery unit and 4.25 peak HP from the two-battery ones.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Wet Dry Vacuum Review

The reason Milwaukee needs fewer watts to pull better suction is the optimization of a brushless motor combined with a fan and shroud design that’s far more efficient. The vacuums also happen to operate far quieter than the corded units we normally use.

Here’s what you can expect each vacuum to produce in terms of suction. Note the 9- and 12-gallon models have the same head unit. The higher numbers on the 12-gallon are due to its larger hose diameter.

Max CFMMax Water Lift
6-Gallon87 CFM60 in.
9-Gallon109 CFM77 in.
12-Gallon114 CFM78 in.

Power Priorities

Each cordless vacuum has two settings—one that prioritizes performance for better suction and one that prioritizes runtime. Here’s the breakdown of the continuous runtime to expect using 12.0Ah High Output batteries:

6-Gallon31 min47 min
9-Gallon34 min49 min
12-Gallon34 min49 min

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Jobsite Vacuum Price

The 6-gallon vacuum arrives at Milwaukee retailers in mid-March with the 9- and 12-gallon models following in May of 2022. Here’s what they’ll cost:

No Battery or Charger2 x 8.0Ah HO Battery
w/ Dual Port Rapid Charger Kit
Note the 12-gallon kit includes a 2 1/2-inch hose and premium cart with telescoping handle.

The Bottom Line… For Now

To put it succinctly, we’re impressed. Milwaukee’s wet dry vacuum performance is fantastic, the build is clearly more durable than other designs, and we absolutely love the modular aspect. If you’re tired of treating your vac like a consumable you replace after every job, Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless wet dry vacuums are a big upgrade.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Products and Models

  • 0910-20 6-Gallon Set (no battery or charger): $249.00
  • 0920-20 9-Gallon Set (no battery or charger): 299.00
  • 0920-22HD 9-Gallon Kit: $699.00
  • 0930-22HD 12-Gallon Kit: $799.00
  • 0931-20 6.5 Peak HP Head (corded): $199.00
  • 0911-20 Single Battery Motor Head: $189.00
  • 9021-20 Dual Battery Motor Head: $199.00
  • 0922-20 6-Gallon Canister: $79.00
  • 0912-20 9-Gallon Canister: $89.00
  • 0932-20 12-Gallon Canister: $99.00
  • 0933-20 Premium Cart: $149.00
  • 0923-20 Standard Cart: $79.00
  • 49-90-1977 HEPA Filter: $30.00
  • 49-90-1978 High Efficiency Filter: $25.00
  • 49-90-1990 Foam Wet Filter: $20.00
  • 49-90-1991 Hose and Accessory Adapter Kit: $11.00
  • 49-90-1992 Hose to Drain Adapter Kit: $10.00
  • 49-90-1979 6-Gallon Fleece Dust Bags (5-Pack): $30.00
  • 49-90-1989 9-Gallon Fleece Dust Bags (5-Pack): $35.00
  • 49-90-1999 12-Gallon Fleece Dust Bags (5-Pack): $40.00
  • 1 7/8-Inch Accessories
    • Dust Extraction Adapter Kit 49-90-1980: $19.00
    • Round Brush Tool 49-90-1981: $12.00
    • Floor Brush Tool 49-90-1982: $14.00
    • Curved Nozzle 49-90-1983: $11.00
    • 16ft. Flexible Hose 49-90-1984: $65.00
    • Wet Floor Nozzle 49-90-1985: $14.00
    • 32” to 102” Expandable Hose 49-90-1986: $40.00
    • Extension Wand 49-90-1987: $11.00
    • Crevice tool 49-90-1988: $10.00
    • Floor Utility Nozzle 49-90-2011 – $10.00
  • 2 1/2-Inch Accesories
    • Dust Extraction Adapter Kit 49-90-2000: $21.00
    • Round Brush Tool 49-90-2001: $13.00
    • Floor Brush Tool 49-90-2002: $15.00
    • Curved Nozzle 49-90-2003: $12.00
    • 16ft Flexible Hose49-90-2004: $80.00
    • Wet Floor Nozzle 49-90-2005: $15.00
    • 9 ft Flexible Hose 49-90-2006: $65.00
    • Extension Wand 49-90-2007: $12.00
    • Crevice Tool 49-90-2008: $11.00
    • Floor Utility Nozzle 49-90-2009: $11.00

Learn more about Milwaukee vacuums here.

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