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RotoSaw+ Spiral + Connect Kit SS560VSC-50 Preview

RotoZip RotoSaw+ Spiral Connect Kit SS560VSC-50 Preview

Randall Coe made a recent move from Bosch and is now heading up things in the RotoZip company, RotoZip hasn’t been idle of late, and at this year’s Bosch Media Event, they were present to show off a few new items. Chief among them was the new SS560vsc-50 RotoSaw+ Spiral + Connect Kit. This is a brand new tool that is debuting in October 2012 and which features what Bosch claims is a new 6.0-amp Spiral+ Saw, the most powerful tool of its kind on the market. The tool has a variable speed dial with feedback and ranges from 15k-30k rpm. It also uses something called “Constant Speed Technology” which will allocate additional power to maintain speed during a mroe difficult in hard wood, or when encountering a knot, or example.

RotoZip RotoSaw SS355-10 Preview

RotoZip RotoSaw SS355-10 Preview

RotoZip introduced its most compact, lightweight Spiral Saw yet, the RotoSaw. This new versatile Spiral Saw system is specifically designed to tackle plunge and freehand cuts in more than just drywall. In fact, it’s designed for portable use in nearly any building material, including tile, wood, plastic, laminate, underlayment and, yes, drywall. The RotoSaw is compatible with more than 20 different cutting bits and is available with a dust collection system which greatly reduces airborne debris. Special venting on the tool maximizes visibility and accuracy while keeping the work space clean. This is especially important when working in finished spaces, making the RotoSaw a versatile solution for today’s remodeling professionals, skilled DIYers and drywall installers.