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Klein Portable Power Station and Solar Panels

Klein Portable Power Station | 1500-Watt Inverter KTB1000

Klein Jump Starts Their Jobsite Power Game with 1500-Watt Portable Power Station As tech on the jobsite continues to expand, “dirty” power from a generator isn’t a great solution to keep your devices charged. The Klein Portable Power Station offers a clean power solution with the opportunity to harness the sun’s light energy as a […]

EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger | Coming Soon

EGO Solar Panel Charger Lets You Recharge with Almost Any Solar Panels You’ve waited and waited, and the day is almost here. You’ll soon be able to charge your EGO Nexus Power Station the way nature intended: by harnessing the power of the sun. Coming to Lowe’s in March, the EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger […]

Mandatory Solar Panels: Coming to a Town Near You?

San Fransisco might be the first to create an ordinance for mandatory solar panels, but they certainly aren’t the last. The California city’s decision kicked off a firestorm of debate within the construction industry and for potential homeowners about environmental responsibility and homeowner rights. One side claims we need regulation to ensure environmental responsibility. The other […]

Line Side Tap Alternative

Line Side Tap Alternative: B3 Bus Bar Bypass for Solar

Our Take on the Line Side Tap Alternative Technology has worked its magic on solar power over the last few decades and, as it always does when left unimpeded, has brought the costs down and quality/efficiency up. So if it’s never been so cost-effective for both residential and commercial buildings to install solar panels and […]

Using a Solar Generator for Power Tools- Featured Group

Using a Solar Generator for Power Tools

Using a Solar Generator for Power Tools May Be a Possibility… It Depends on How You Play the Game We absolutely loved what Kohler did in creating the enCUBE solar recharging generator. Using a 100 amp hour AGM lead acid battery, there’s enough power stored to run a variety of products for your home, office, shop, […]