Swanson TOSB01 7" Speed Bevel Review

7-inch Swanson TOSB01 Speed Bevel Review

When Swanson sent us their newest 7″ Speed Bevel, we didn’t realize the new inexpensive orange ABS plastic composite square would quickly become our all-around go-to tool for odd jobs and miscellaneous angle measurements. Swanson, who brought us the original Speed Square, built some new innovation into the Speed Bevel. While it doesn’t excel in build quality, it does have a really good function as a low-cost multi-purpose solution for finding angles, making quick cut measurements, and serving as a stop-gap protractor.

Swanson TS149 9” Sliding T-Bevel Review

Swanson Sliding Bevel TS149 Review

The Swanson TS149 9″ Sliding T-Bevel is a classic yet modern tool that the craftsman can use everyday for all types of woodworking projects, either as an angle finder or as a square. The T-Bevel is especially handy when trying to duplicate an odd angle of an existing condition.

Swanson T001WZ Framing Wizard Review

Swanson Framing Wizard T001WZ Review

Swanson took the age old framing square and made it into a folding, 5-in-1 layout tool they are calling the T001WZ Framing Wizard. This new tool makes space and functionality top priorities! Forget about trying to figure out where to keep your old square; now that you have this one available, you can fold it in half and throw it in your tool bag. With its versatile use, you can just whip it out and use it as a framing square, tri-square, miter square, angle finder or as a saw guide.