Kapro 353 LEDGE-IT Square with Retractable Support

Kapro 353 Ledge-It

Kapro 353 Ledge-It Square Looks Legit

Kapro Tools has introduced its 353 Ledge-It Square, designed for the professional tradesman, carpenter, or woodworker. It features a unique retractable metal ledge support, letting you stabilize this tool on virtually any surface.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Kapro 353
  • Certified 90° square
  • Retractable ledge support so it holds onto edges when making marks
  • Cast aluminum handle with 3 precision-milled surfaces
  • 45° and 30° cast-in handle platforms
  • Stainless steel ruler with etched gradations
  • Marking holes at 10°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 50° and 60°
  • Includes openings every ¼ inch for fluid and parallel pencil markings

What Stuck Out to Us on the Kapro 353 Ledge-It

The 353 LEDGE-IT Square does a lot right. We like the innovative retractable metal ledge support. It improves upon an idea we saw with the 309 Ledgend 12-inch miter square. Having made marks from the edge of hundreds or thousands of boards, this feature alone softens the 353 Ledge-It $20 cost of entry.

Kapro Levels Out

While the most notable feature of the Kapro Ledge-It Square is its retractable ledge support, it features much more. Aside from the flip-out stabilizing tab, you also get a cast aluminum handle with three precision-milled surfaces. Using the handle platforms, you can achieve 45­° and 30° marks.

Kapro 353 Ledge-It

The Kapro 353 also has a stainless steel ruler with laser-etched gradations. The first 4 inches have been marked out in 1/32 increments for fine measurements. The rest of the ruler has markings every 1/16 inch.

Kapro 353 Ledge-It

The Holey-est Square We’ve Seen

The Kapro 353 Ledge-It has marking holes along the blade at 10°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 50°, and 60°. You also get openings every ¼ inch for fluid and parallel pencil markings. Don’t worry—they also make a version with markings every cm.

The 8-inch Kapro 353 Ledge-It is priced at just under $20. You’ll be able to pick it up wherever Kapro products are sold. Of course, if you want the metric version, that can be found now in 10 in. (25cm), 12 in. (35cm), and 16 in (40cm) sizes.

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To learn more about Kapro’s innovative line of products, visit Kapro.com.

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