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Swanson Sliding Bevel TS149 Review

The Swanson TS149 9″ Sliding T-Bevel is a classic yet modern tool that the craftsman can use everyday for all types of woodworking projects, either as an angle finder or as a square. The T-Bevel is especially handy when trying to duplicate an odd angle of an existing condition.


Swanson Sliding Bevel TS149 Features

Swanson Sliding Bevel markingsDepending on the manufacturer or your training, you might also hear these tools called by other names such as sliding bevel, angle bevel, bevel square, or adjustable try square. No matter what you call it, they all share the same or similar overall design and purpose.

The Swanson TS149 9″ Sliding T-Bevel is composed of an exotic hardwood beam that has brass bindings on both ends with a movable stainless steel blade. The blade is deeply etched on both sides with both standard and metric measurements. There will be no rubbing off of the numbers on these scales. One of the nice features of this particular tool is the large knurled thumb knob that makes it super easy to lock in the position of the blade. We liked this because it has a pretty low profile and is more convenient than the more common and cheaper way of doing it with a wing nut. Over all, our tool had a nice fit and finish, and looks like it would have been right at home in granddads tool pouch. As far as being a nifty gadget, this is one of those tools that look simplistic compared to some of the cool digital angle finders out there today, but it really is probably one of the most practical and easiest to use.

Swanson Sliding Bevel TS149

Swanson Sliding Bevel Testing and Use

Swanson Sliding Bevel tool pounchThe Swanson TS149 9″ Sliding T-Bevel found its home pretty quickly in one of the pouches on my tool belt; it fit in with some of the other great Swanson products we already use like the Speed Square and the 12-Inch Combo Square. We have used the T-Bevel in numerous projects including siding, interior trim work and stair building. So many times in construction there are angles that need to be matched that are not necessarily standard. For example, imagine you are doing hardy plank siding and you are up in the gable end area and need to figure out the angle of the roof pitch. With a T-Bevel, it is easy to accurately replicate the angle so that the siding cuts can be made perfectly on the first try. It is extremely easy to use the Swanson T-Bevel; you hold the beam (wood part) against one edge, then you loosen the thumb nut and position the blade so that it is held tightly against the other edge you are trying to match.  Once you have the beam and blade positioned, you tighten up the thumb nut and now you have your angle. From here, you can do one of a few different things; either position the T-Bevel on a protractor to figure out the exact angle measurement in degrees or you can simply go to your work piece and trace the blade. Alternatively, you can go to your miter saw and match the angle by adjusting the fence. No mater how you end up using the T-Bevel, it will definitely take the guesswork out of finding angles and make your final project look better on the first try.


Swanson TS149 9″ Sliding T-Bevel represents good value. With a classic design that combines brass, wood and stainless steel all with great fit and finish, this T-Bevel will perform as good as brands that cost twice as much. For our Performance rating we gave this tool a 9/10 since it did well to make finding angle easy and it performed exactly as we anticipated. For our Value rating, we gave the tool a 9/10 since it has the features and quality of much higher priced tools yet Swanson delivered this one at a very reasonable price.


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