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LED vs Halogen Work Lights

LED vs Halogen Work Lights and Bulbs on Jobsites

We’ve traditionally used a lot of bulb-based lighting on our jobsites. While LED started making some headway in the past several years, only a few companies are bringing LED technology to larger construction area lights and even temporary lighting. These new lights cover anything from illuminating specific areas to flooding large jobsites with up to […]

Milwaukee Radius

Milwaukee Radius 130w LED Temporary Site Light 2156-AC Blasts 15,000 Lumens

Milwaukee Radius 130w LED Temporary Site Light Upgrades to 15,000 Lumens of Output Joining their jobsite lighting lineup, the new Milwaukee Radius 130w LED Temporary Site Light installs quickly and easily, requires no maintenance, and blasts 15,000 lumens of the brand’s TrueView high definition light. What’s the Big Deal? The big talking point here is […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Southwire Lantern

Southwire 6300-Lumen Jobsite Lantern Review

The Southwire 6300-Lumen Jobsite Lantern area light boasts several excellent features for permanent installation or portable use. Its 360º light pattern useful for safety lighting in a variety of settings and the price ain’t too bad, either. PROS 5000K LED light Metal carabiner clip and floor stand give you multiple hanging/standing options 10-foot cord power […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
Milwaukee Radius LED High Bay Light

Milwaukee Radius LED Temporary Site Light for High Bay Use

Temporary site lights are a necessary part of many construction projects and buildings. Once properly configured, they install easily, and often we find contractors billing them to the job. Until a few years ago, HID remained the primary option for these low bay and high bay lights. These High Energy Discharge lights put out enough light […]

Review9.1(out of 10)
Southwire LED String Lights Review

Southwire LED String Lights Review

Temporary lighting is all over jobsites around the country. From high bay lights and low bay lights, we move to string lights. We’re not talking Christmas lights, though I’m sure someone has tried to use them before. This time it’s all about the new Southwire LED String Lights. Whether you’re planning for commercial or residential temporary […]

Appleton Baymaster

Appleton Baymaster LED High Bay Light From Emerson

Emerson Electric (and nearly everyone that works with high bay lights) realizes that the process of replacing HID and fluorescent high bay lights can be costly and difficult. Most high bay luminaires are heavy and located in hard-to-reach areas. Two or more people are often needed to perform the installations, which leads to increased labor […]