October 18, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros


Review8.9(out of 10)
Ridgid 7-inch Tile Saw

Ridgid 7-Inch Tile Saw R4021 Review

If you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to your big tile saw for smaller jobs or to upgrade from snap cutting, the new Ridgid 7-inch tile saw’s $219 price tag is pretty attractive. Is all that beauty just skin deep or can this tiling tool niche itself for smaller jobs? We put it to use […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Festool Mixer

Festool Mixer MX 1200 EEF Review

It’s not good to get mixed up on the job, that is, unless you’re grout, mortar, mud, or paint. In fact, in these cases, failure to get good and mixed up makes for some shoddy results. Getting a good mix is important, and there are a number of manufacturers that make tools to help us […]

Ridgid Tiling Tools

Ridgid Tiling Tools Coming To Home Depot

Launched last month, the new line of Ridgid Tiling Tools should have already hit the shelves at your local Home Depot. The Ridgid XLT Premium Tile Tool Series promises a longer lifespan and an increase in cleanup efficiency. The new lineup includes stainless steel trowels, flat and bucket scoops, tile prep tools, grout tools, tile […]

Review7.0(out of 10)
tile demo Makita SDS-Max floor scraper

Makita SDS-Max Floor Scraper

We recently installed a Pergo Outlast laminate floor into a bungalow home. To do so we had to remove the tile which was covering the entire living and dining rooms. Clearly, that would involve a considerable amount of demo. For the 400 square feet we were looking at, it was unthinkable that we would go at the job manually. We […]

How to Remove Tile the Easy Way

How to Remove Tile the Easy Way – Like a Pro

Near the top of the list of difficult jobs to avoid is tile removal. But somehow you drew the short straw and it’s time to get on with it. It’s discouraging to ask for professional advice and hear “it’s not that easy” every time. But you do have some options to make the job less […]

HART Quick-Tatch

HART Quick-Tatch Interchangeable Handle System

Once again, HART Tools has developed a system that just makes sense. This time, the HART Quick-Tatch Interchangeable Handle System shows off innovation that makes a real difference on the job site. The main feature is the handle itself. It is designed with a quick lock mechanism that holds the handle in place and allows […]

Back Butter Buddy

Back Butter Buddy Tile and Thinset Tool

As any professional tiler knows, tiling is more than just hooking up your Ridgid R4040 8″ wet tile saw and getting to work. “Back buttering” is a necessary process, particularly for larger tile. Typically, this is done by applying setting material (thinset) to the tile while rotating it in your hand. With larger jobs, that […]

Bucket Ape Grout Cleaning Solution

Bucket Ape Grout Cleaning Solution

Pragmatic Products introduced the Bucket Ape, a new tool for the tile and stone industry’s professionalsand DIYers. By consensus the most hated job of tile installation is grout cleaning where you invariably find yourself endlessly trekking 40 lbs of water in and out of a home or commercial jobsite. While there are commercial products on the market […]

Porsadrill diamond drilling system

365Drills Porsadrill Diamond Drilling System Review

Drilling holes into tile is often a time consuming, frustrating experience. While tile saws, diamond saw blades and careful planning can reduce much of the hassle, there are simply many scenarios where you have to break down and put one right through the middle of a placed tile. Instead of this being a harrowing experience, filled with hours of planning, frustration and scratched tiles, Porsadrill aims to simplify the process with their diamond hole saws and anti-slip guide plate.