June 14, 2021

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Ridgid Tiling Tools Coming To Home Depot

Ridgid Tiling Tools

Launched last month, the new line of Ridgid Tiling Tools should have already hit the shelves at your local Home Depot. The Ridgid XLT Premium Tile Tool Series promises a longer lifespan and an increase in cleanup efficiency. The new lineup includes stainless steel trowels, flat and bucket scoops, tile prep tools, grout tools, tile shaping tools. It also includes tiling accessories, such as knee pads.

Ridgid Tiling Tools

Ridgid aims this new line of XLT Premium Tiling Tools at the flooring professional. The company tells us that the new XLT Premium Seris offers maximum performance at every stage of tiling. The new trowels, scoops, prep tools, and grout tools all feature a compact design for easier transportability and access into tighter spaces.

The XLT Premium Series promises 50% faster cleaning time, and with increased durability, Ridgid claims these new tools will outlast other tiling tools by 25%.

Each tool in the XLT Series features an over-molded handle for increased comfort and control.

Ridgid also released two new knee pad options. A gel foam knee pad offers enhanced comfort, while the hinged stabilizing knee pads promise superior performance.Rigid Tiling Tools

Final Thoughts

Ridgid Tiling Tools

Ridgid power tools for tiling have gotten positive reviews from our Pros in the past so the move into the hand tool sector makes sense. We’ve seen a few of the hand tools and they look promising. The proof is in the pudding, though, and we’ll need to put them to use before making any concrete conclusions.

Ridgid makes some pretty bold claims as to their tools’ durability and cleanup relative to their competition. While it’s possible there are some tweaks to the steel blends, the durability comes at the attachment points. Ridgid uses a full tang handle to ensure that the shaft doesn’t break through the handle plastic. Considerations like that shift the eventual failure point – every hand tool has them – either to another part or greatly extends the common failure point’s life.

Regardless, what we’ve seen so far backs up the claim of longer life and better ergonomics, so why not give them a shot? You might just find yourself switching over. Ridgid XLT Premium Series Tiling Tools can be found at Home Depot online or at your local store.


Ridgid Tiling Tools Feature

  • XLT Premium series gives professionals 50% faster cleaning.
  • With extreme durability, these tools will outlast competitors by 25% longer life.
  • These hand tools are a compact design so they are easier to use as well as more portable.
  • These tools have an over-mold handle for added comfort and control.
  • Warrantied against material and workmanship defects


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L. B.

As someone in the trades who values his tools and an owner of Porter-Cable, Milwaukee, (older)Rockwell, Bosch and Panasonic and new to your reviews, I have certainly been impressed with the Ridgid line of tools. I just can’t bring myself to purchase them because they are owned by Home Depot. I try to keep my purchases of tools to smaller hardware and specialty stores. I blame Home Depot and Lowe’s for the demise of independent hardware stores in the country and still remember the dark days of Home Depot under the catastrophic hand of Bob Nardellia. I keep my purchases… Read more »

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