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TIG welding

Comparing MIG, TIG, or Stick Welding – Which is Best?

It can take quite a while to become proficient at the art and science of welding. First, a welder must develop technical skills for the craft itself. Next, he or she also has to understand the constraints of material type, size, location, power source, budget, and more. In the end, fabricating metal is practical, satisfying, and (potentially) […]

Forney 220 MP Multi-Process Welder

Forney 220 MP Multi-Process Welder Review (Model 410)

As the name indicates, the Forney 220 MP Multi-Process Welder can tackle four different types of welding processes. Who might find this useful is the guy looking for a single tool solution for welding steel, stainless, cast iron, and aluminum. It also lets you handle a variety of material thicknesses ranging from sheet metal to […]

IMI Magnetic V-Pad Clamps

IMI Magnetic V-Pad Clamps for Flexible Welding Positions

Industrial Magnetics Offers Welders Low-Profile Clamps IMI (Industrial Magnetics, Inc.) Magnetic V-Pad clamps make a nice addition for tools fabricators may find helpful. Now, welders have a fast, low-profile, and versatile solution for holding workpieces in position. Holding Patterns The IMI Magnetic V-Pad Clamps offer dual pivoting magnetic heads on each piece. Each clamp can […]

Werner Welding High Heat Harness relief handles

Werner Welding High Heat Harness with Relief Handles

Werner Adds Welding High Heat Harnesses to its Fall Protection Lineup You’re probably wondering what’s going on in the picture above (we certainly were). We definitely had our questions. Turns out, what you’re looking at is actually a demonstration of the Werner Welding High Heat Harness in action. After a fall, it defaults into a […]

Using Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 MP for TIG Welding

We recently picked up the Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 MP and told you about our adventures in MIG welding. For the hobbyist or the Pro contractor’s small-scale use, it packs a lot of value and performance into a transportable package. Now, we get to cover our experience using the MIG 210 MP TIG welding […]