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Southwire Side Cutting Pliers

Southwire Side Cutting Combo Pliers SCP9TPCB

Southwire Side Cutting Combo Pliers Combines 8 Functions in 1 Tool Southwire Side Cutting Combo Pliers continue the company’s move into forged multi-tools designed to meet the needs of electricians. This is an 8-in-1 tool, upgrading their previous side cutter combo tool. Southwire Side Cutting Combo Pliers Design and Functions The Southwire SCP9TPCB have the […]

Southwire Forged Wire Strippers

Southwire Forged Wire Stripper

The Southwire Forged Wire Stripper is feature-rich and built tough with heavy-duty forged steel. If you already read our review of Southwire’s Romex stripper, you’re going to see a lot of similarities and that’s a good thing. PROS Durable forged steel construction Wide jaw has aggressive knurling for secure gripping and twisting Scalloped cutting knives hold […]

Southwire Forged Romex Stripper SNM1214HD

Southwire Forged Romex Stripper SNM1214HD

Cover Romex First Cut to Final Loop with One Tool Using New Southwire Forged Romex Stripper Southwire is expanding its hand tool lineup with a more robust line of strippers and cutters. Up first on our plate is the Southwire Forged Romex Stripper. From The First Cut to the Final Loop We put Southwire’s new […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Klein Hybrid Pliers J215-8CR Vogue

Klein Hybrid Pliers with Crimper and Fish Tape Puller Review

It’s clear that working efficiently is the key to happy customers and more invoices. But ways to streamline our work don’t always jump out at us when we’ve always done it that way. I have a tool pouch with wire strippers/cutters, pliers, crimpers, and maybe some screw shears. How much more efficient can I be? […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Klein Tools Kurve 8-18 AWG Heavy Duty Wire Stripper

Klein Kurve Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper Review

Klein has a remarkably deep bench of hand tools with over one hundred fifty types of pliers alone. More than fifty of those are strippers/cutters/crimpers. Today, I have one of the brand’s newest additions, the Klein Kurve Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper. The “Kurve” moniker is a stylized reference to the curve in one of the asymmetric handles designed for […]

Southwire Electrician's Kit

Southwire Electrician’s Kit First Look

There are a handful of tools available that everyone, regardless of trade or experience, should own. Southwire does us all a solid by packaging three of them together for electricians. The Southwire Electrician’s Kit includes some of the all-time greats; a rust-resistant pair of stainless steel wire strippers, a non-contact voltage tester, and a 9-in-1 multi-bit screw/nut […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Klein Tools Long Nose Wire Stripper Crimper

Klein Tools Long Nose Wire Stripper Crimper Review

Everyone knows that Klein Tools is no slouch in the tool-making business, but the question for multi-function tools always revolves around whether the tool can perform each of its functions as well as a dedicated tool would. Today, I’ve got just such a tool in the brand new Klein Tools Long Nose Wire Stripper Crimper. But […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Milwaukee UTP Stripper

Milwaukee UTP Stripper Review

Milwaukee has recently released an easy-to-use, lightweight, and compact solution for folks working with a lot of CAT 3-6 universal twisted pair wire. The Milwaukee UTP Stripper features everything you’ll need for convenient, one-handed stripping. With such a simple tool, Milwaukee is going to have to do something to stand out from the value brands. It’s clearly […]

Best Southwire Tools at STAFDA 2017 Video Recap

Best Southwire Tools at STAFDA 2017 Video Recap

Southwire is pushing deep into the electrical trade. While they’ve always been about wire, the focus on expanding their tool lineup has been impressive. On our booth tour to see the best Southwire tools at STAFDA 2017, there were some familiar items along with some brand new ones. Best Southwire Tools at STAFDA 2017 Made in […]

New Southwire Tools Shown Off at STAFDA 2017

If you’re in the electrical or HVAC trades, you’ve probably noticed the massive growth coming from Southwire Tools & Equipment. Known for their wire, Southwire continues to push deeper into the tool side of the business. There are plenty of new Southwire tools to consider from STAFDA 2017, but it’s the Made in America series […]