Rockler Ready2Rout Electronic Router Fence

Once again on the cutting edge of making woodworking more exact and enjoyable, Rockler has developed the Ready2Rout Router Table Fence. How does this make woodworking better for us? It’s the industry’s first electronic router fence. Yes, you read that correctly, Rockler has brought computer technology to the router fence. The Ready2Rout itself is an enclosed controller box attached to the back of the router fence. It features a touch screen interface and a precision lead screw with anti-backlash. The extruded aluminum multi-track fence allows easy addition of stops and other router table jigs and accessories.

Rockler Ready2Rout Electronic Router Fence Features

The implications here are understandably significant. Some of the limitations and frustrations involving the fence are no longer a concern with the Rockler Ready2Rout. According to the folks at Rockler, fence set up is will take seconds instead of minutes so there is more time to actually work. It is simply a matter of entering in your requirements on the touch screen and the computer does the rest. Since the set up is done electronically, the imperfect nature of set up by hand is corrected. Similarly, repeatability of cuts is much easier. The positioning data (up to 6 positions) is stored on the hard drive and the system is accurate to 0.001 of an inch, so the user can repeat cuts at any point in the future with confidence. The user can also indicate the router bit width and convert standard measurements to metric decimals or fractions on the touch screen.

Ready_2_Rout3Rocker tells us that the hard drive includes pre-installed apps for box joints, dadoes, and half-blind dovetails. To space and cut box joints, enter the diameter of your bit and the width of your workpiece and the system automatically positions the fence for the cuts. There are also step-and-repeat functions for tasks such as fluted columns and beadboard.

Using the USB port gives the user the ability to install additional apps and update software easily, however, the Ready2Rout is not required to be connected to a computer to function. Note that the system does not control router bit height. Height must still be set up conventionally.

The Rockler Ready2Rout Electronic Router Fence retails for $599.99 and can be purchased directly from Rockler’s website, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Stores, or Rockler independent resellers.

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