Channellock SpeedGrip Tongue and Groove Pliers

Channellock SpeedGrip Tongue and Groove Pliers

Last month, we saw teases of the Channellock SpeedGrip tongue and groove pliers, but now they hit the market. These tools are Made in America and new crosshatch teeth give them a more secure grip. These should provide excellent grip on smooth metal such as when you’re removing a shower cartridge. They provide more contact points—thus more friction on the grip. There are many types of pliers, but I favor the tongue and groove for their ease of use.

Channellock SpeedGrip Tongue and Groove Pliers Design

The Channellock SpeedGrip tongue and groove pliers use a push-button design for adjusting the grip. You press the button to set the lower jaw, and it stays in place once released. The Speedgrip design uses a channel which locks the button and jaw securely in position once released.

Channellock 430X Pliers

These SpeedGrip T&G pliers work very similarly to the Irwin Groovelock pliers.

If you prefer a V-jaw design, the Knipex Cobra tongue and groove pliers are similar but place the teeth inside the groove.

As you’d expect, Channellock continues to use die-forged high carbon U.S. steel. Let’s just say we don’t see a ton of these lying around the job site in pieces. Because of the steel quality, you should be able to ream with these. Presumably, the jaws of the pliers are designed for this. We’ve seen more deliberate reaming edges on some other tools like the Milwaukee 12″ tongue and groove pliers.

Channellock SpeedGrip 430X pliers

The new SpeedGrip crosshatch teeth set these Channellocks apart from other pliers. They look very grippy and should be fun to test. I definitely prefer tongue and groove pliers with the mechanism on the face (like the Channellocks). They seem to adjust more consistently over time.

Sizes and Multi-Packs

Channellock SpeedGrip pliers come in three sizes as well as a combo pack.

  • 428X (8 in.) – $32.09
  • 430X (10 in.) – $27.05
  • 440X (12 in.) – $39.46
  • GS-IX pack (includes 428X and 430X) – $48.71
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Channellock SpeedGrip pliers GS-IX 2-pk


The quality is right. The price is good, and the tools are made in the USA. Those are great selling points, and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on these for a closer look.

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