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Jonard Screwdriver Set Video Review

Jonard Screwdriver Set Video Review

We love our premium hand tools, but let’s face it – it doesn’t always make sense to pay premium prices. So we brought in a Jonard screwdriver set to see what kind of quality and performance you can expect if your budget is a bit tighter. Will these work for Pros or should you really shell out a few more clams and get something higher up the ladder?

Check out the video to see what we think. If video isn’t really your cup of tea, head over to our written review instead.

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Jonard Screwdriver Set Specifications

  • Model: Jonard SDK-8
  • Phillips Sizes: #1, #2, #3
  • Slotted Sizes: 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″
  • Handle: Rubberized Cushion Grip
  • Shaft: Polished high strength stainless steel, black oxide tip
  • Standards: ASME/ANSI

Jonard Screwdriver Set

  • #1 Phillips, 3″ shaft
  • #2 Phillips, stubby
  • #2 Phillips, 4″ shaft
  • #3 Phillips, 6″ shaft
  • 3/16″ slotted, 3″ shaft
  • 1/4″ slotted, stubby
  • 1/4″ slotted, 4″ shaft
  • 5/16″ slotted, 6″ shaft


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Tony S

I have a set of NAPA Carlyse screwdrivers, they’re great and lifetime warranty. Bought my dad and brother their own set of Felo screwdrivers, they’re awesome and 20yr warranty. I’ve used Snap On and they’re all capable of doing the same jobs. It comes down to what fits your hand best, and my family has big guys so bigger handles are a neccessity.

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