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Malco Redline Hand Tools for HVAC Pros

Malco recently launched their new Redline Handle group of hand tools. Redesigned in response to trade professionals out in the field, Malco updated their already extensive line of metal working and siding hand tool to offer better grips and other improvements.

Malco Redline Handle Tools

Malco recently launched their new Redline Handle group of hand tools. They redesigned these tools in response to trade professional feedback. Malco updated the Redline hand tools from their already extensive line of metalworking and siding tools. The new tools offer improved ergonomic grips and other improvements.

Malco Redline Hand Tools New Handles

The new handles on these Malco Redline tools stand out immediately with their red and black styling. The company designed them to offer a more ergonomic and comfortable operating range for your hand. When we felt the tools on display at the IBS in Las Vegas, it seems like they did their homework. The tools all offer easy one-hand operation. In fact, many of the tools now have a compound linkage between the head to the handle. We also found the close lock levers easy to operate. They hold the tool safely closed when not in use.

The new grips on the Malco Redline tools really improve over the previous dipped rubber/plastic style. Malco made the new grips from sturdy red plastic with black over-molded rubber inserts. They deliver more leverage without as much pressure against your palm or fingers. With over 20 different tools currently in this series, they should be able to fit almost any metal and vinyl requirements. Malco has them available from over a dozen online retailers.

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I have an OLD 16 oz Malco framing hammer with leather handle very very similar to Estwing and equal or better quality as maybe 40 to 50 years might tell a tale. At some point the company made a decision to move into various niches (metal working) and away from being a direct competitor to Estwing is what I see. They make excellent tools.

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