June 18, 2021

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Southwire Made In America Cable Cutting Plier

Southwire Made In America Cable Cutting Plier

We recently had the chance to talk to our resident electrician, Ben Parker, about the new Made In America series of electrician’s hand tools from Southwire. Those of us without the same level of electrical experience as Ben might think one set of hand tools is more or less equivalent to the next one. But it isn’t all “just branding,” like some people claim. Apparently, if it’s on the internet, it might not be true after all. That’s why you have us and our team of Pros as a source you can trust. Anyway, those that know better know that Southwire makes a quality tool that makes life easier on the job. Case in point: the new Southwire Made In America Cable Cutting Plier.

Truth be told, cable cutters aren’t terribly complex from a design standpoint. Subtle changes from heat treatment to joint placement make all the difference, though. The devil’s in the details, which is where the new Southwire line excels.

Is One Set Of Cable Cutters Better Than Another?

The major selling point for this new line, if it hasn’t been made readily apparent already, is that the new Southwire Made In America Cable Cutting Plier was, in fact, made in the USA. Everything from the forged steel to the dipped handles was manufactured here in the states. It’s nice to know that, in the age of global economics, some manufacturers are bringing jobs back.

Southwire Made In America Cable Cutting Plier

Of course, this doesn’t mean all that much if the quality suffers. An American turd is still a turd, right?  Southwire avoids “turd” status with this new line of tools by carefully controlling the manufacturing process.

For one thing, Southwire uses drop forged steel to eliminate fissures and air bubbles in the steel. Southwire then puts it through an induction heating process to harden the cutting edges. The blades are hand filed to a precise angle and each plier gets a thorough evaluation. These cable cutters can handle up to 4/0 AWG aluminum, 2/0 AWG copper, and 100-pair 24 AWG communications cable. The Southwire Made In America Cable Cutting Plier also features dipped handles to improve the comfort.

Southwire Made In America Cable Cutting Plier

Rather than use the traditional cold rivet, Southwire uses a hot rivet process to join the pliers. Hot riveting allows for a higher quality flush joining of the two plier pieces and the rivet. The resulting plier action is long and smooth.

Southwire Made In America Cable Cutting Plier

Final Thoughts

It might be true that all cable cutting pliers accomplish the same purpose. However, the new Southwire Made In America Cable Cutting Pliers will accomplish that purpose better than some other models. Both the quality of components, as well as the time and effort that went into finishing these pliers, make these American manufactured pliers worthy of your consideration as a premium option at $37. Plus they come with the added benefit of Southwire’s hassle-free lifetime warranty.

Southwire Made In America Cable Cutting Plier Features

  • Southwire Made In America Cable Cutting PlierModel Number: Southwire CCP9D-US
  • Made from American forged steel for durability
  • Cuts up to 4/0 AWG aluminum, 2/0 AWG copper, and 100-pair 24 AWG communications cable
  • Induction hardened blades for maximum durability
  • Dipped handles for comfort
  • Retail Price: ~$37
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Adam Sperry

While I agree with the enthusiasm for made in the USA products, and am a huge supporter of both Southwire and Southwire tools, I disagree on what I’d call the “fit and finish” of this product. I, actually, feel the same about the entirety of the made in the USA hand tool line. Not only was there a distinct lack of effort in the finish of the tools, the grips are worse than a $6 pair of pliers from a hardware store. I know finish doesn’t affect how a tool performs, but I expect more from an American made tool… Read more »

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