Empire Level LED Torpedo Level Review EM95.10

Empire Level LED Torpedo Level

We’ve been talking a lot about levels around here lately; box levels, digital levels, torpedo levels, pocket levels…it’s been quite the ride. Well, the fun isn’t over quite yet, because this week, we’re looking at the em95.10 Empire Level LED Torpedo Level. If you like the idea of 10″ of sleek, durable aluminum, coupled with True Blue, UltraView LED visibility, then get psyched, ’cause you’re about to get all the torpedo-ing level-ness you can handle.

If you use Empire’s e95 series box level, you’ll recall that the LED’s offer fantastic visibility. They’re easy to read in broad daylight and even easier to read in darker lighting conditions. The UltraView LED, coupled with the UV-activated optical brightener, equates to high definition viewing in any lighting condition. Those box levels also give us professional-grade accuracy at 0.0005″ per 1″, vials for finding level and plumb, and you have the option for rare earth magnets.

I say all that to make this point – the Empire Level LED Torpedo Level functions the same way as the rest of the e95 series, except in a smaller package. The visibility is still fantastic, you can still find level and plumb, and it houses a few rare earth magnets as well. Plus, as you might expect from a torpedo level, the em95.10 also has a center groove for pipework.

A Closer Look


The notable feature with the Empire Level LED Torpedo Level comes down to the inclusion of Empire’s UltraView Technology. Dual LEDs surround the vials, concentrating light onto the bubble. The vials also contain a UV activated optical brightener, which works well in direct sunlight. High-contrast e-Band lines provide a starkness to the vials that allow the user to determine level in any lighting condition.

Empire Level LED Torpedo Level

To conserve battery power, the button turns on one vial’s lights or the other, not both at the same time. There also a 2-minute auto shut-off to go with it. All in all, the LEDs help give this level top marks in the visibility category.

Empire Level LED Torpedo Level


The Empire Level LED Torpedo Level features an all aluminum frame with a top read vial. It also features a ruler groove that accommodates most straight edges and fits on most pipes.

This torpedo level houses 3 rare earth magnets that provide plenty of hold to metal structures.



Like the rest of the e95 series, the Empire Level LED Torpedo Level maintains 0.0005″ accuracy. Few levels guarantee a higher accuracy rating.

The downside for some Pros is the lack of a 45° vial or even better, a rotating vial. Still, there’s a balance of price and features to strike. So for Pros that only need the two vials, it’s a win.


Final Thoughts

The only real gripe we have with the Empire Level LED Torpedo Level is the lack of a 45° vial. Other than that, this little level is pretty great for work in tight spaces. The accuracy is excellent and the visibility is superb. It’s got a respectable IP54 rating, meaning that you don’t have to sweat using it in wetter or dustier conditions.  It also has some impact protection, so won’t have to worry too much about dropping it. Retailing around $20, it’s a solid level to have kicking around in your toolbag.

Empire Level LED Torpedo Level Features

Empire Level LED Torpedo Level

  • Concentrated surround dual LEDs provide superior vial visibility
  • UV activated optical brightener maximizes LED light intensity
  • High contrast e-band vials highlight the edge of the bubble
  • IP54 rating protects level from dust and water
  • Automatic shut-off saves battery life by turning off LEDs after three minutes
  • All metal frame protects level and holds up to jobsite conditions
  • Top ruler and pipe groove is compatible with any straight edge to extend the working surface for measuring and scribing
  • Surface grip provides stable hold against flat surfaces
  • High strength rare earth magnets
  • Top read window for clear overhead viewing
  • Limited lifetime warranty on frame and vials; 1-year warranty on electronics

Empire Level LED Torpedo Level Specs

  • Model Number: Empire Level EM95.10
  • Depth: 10″
  • Height: 1.85″
  • Width: 0.75″
  • Length: 9″
  • Accuracy: 0.0005 in.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Number of Vials: 2
  • Returnable: 90-Day
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Gabriel DeLapp

I would like to know if you checked this for accuracy? NUMBER #1 question for all levels. Also of intrest, if you went to a store where these were sold, what percentage in stock are dead on? I would love that real world perspective for us out in the trenches. How many people check a level before using or purchasing? Also, how durable is it long term? I don’t want to have to fight a warranty. I just want an accurate durable tool. Any features are garbage if it won’t last or isn’t accurate.

Aaron Rhodes

Do you guys go out and buy the levels and test them or are they given to you for testing? I gave up on empire levels after one of my guys picked up 4 4′ box levels and 3 of them never read true from day one. Spent half hour picking out 12″ torpedoes levels in the store one day as 8 out of 10 I tested never read true while still in the store. If they have upped their QC I may have to look back into them.

Stian Johansen

Se Bjørn Terje Johansen, med lys inni 💡

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