Kapro 705 Eagle Contractor Box Level with Optivision Red

Kapro 705 Eagle Contractor Box Level

Kapro 705 Eagle Contractor Box Level with Optivision Red Lets Masons Focus on Higher Visibility

Kapro’s latest addition to the line of Optivision Red levels is the Kapro 705 Eagle, a box level specially engineered for concrete and masonry applications that’s also helpful for carpentry, roofing, and flooring.

10-Second Summary

  • 3 solid acrylic shockproof vials include one Optivision vial with gradient lines of up to 2% and 2 vertical vials
  • Tilted vial angle for direct line of sight
  • Accurate to 0.0005″ per 1″
  • Continuous marking edge
  • Wall-grip feature
  • Shock absorbing bi-material end caps
  • Magnetic and Plumb Site with Dual-View vial with RedEffect models available
  • Pricing TBA (check Acme Tools or availability)

What’s the Big Deal?

The first thing of note with Kapro’s 705 Eagle Contractor Box Level is the design that nods to masonry. With a continuous surface on both the top and bottom of the level, there’s a minimal amount of area where cement and concrete can get built-up.


The 705 Eagle comes with a center vial that features gradient lines for slope measurements of 1%, 1.5%, and 2%. Plus, the lines have been etched on the inside of the vial, which effectively keeps them in a place where they won’t rub or wear off.

Kapro 705 Eagle Contractor Box Level

Speaking of vials, the Kapro 705 Eagle features an Optivision Red vial in the center. Kapro makes the vial housing from polycarbonate and gives the it a 45° shape.

Additionally, the Kapro 705 Eagle features a full-back design with dedicated wall grips and shock absorbing end caps. All of this adds up to greater durability. It’s also UV resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Kapro 705 Eagle Contractor Box Level features an accuracy of <0.0005 in/in.

Kapro also offers the 705 Eagle Contractor Box Level with magnetic and Plumb Site with Dual-View options.

Thoughts on the Kapro 705 Eagle Optivision Box Level

There are three main things we look for on every level: accuracy, visibility, and durability. With Kapro’s 0.0005″ per 1″ accuracy, it hits our baseline standard for Pro use. Its reinforced design, end caps, and solid acrylic vials take care of most of our durability concerns.

What sets the Kapro 705 apart from other box levels in its class is the visibility. The Optivision Red vial in the center is unusual but highly effective. Using a white background to see the bubble edge seems like the last thing you’d want to try. However, the addition of red surrounding it creates a high-contrast bubble that really is easy to see, even in low light conditions.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should. Seriously. Pick one up the next time you see one in the store and take it to a brightly lit area and then to a dim area. If you’re not impressed, put it back on the shelf and come tell us about it. You can see what discovered in a different review here.

We like the Plumb Site Dual-View option for the plumb vials. This uses a reflection to give you a view straight through from the top instead of trying to bend your head around and get one eye or the other to see it from the side.

We’re still waiting on pricing information to come available on these. Kapro Optivision levels seem to sit in the mid-range for pricing (~$50 for a 48″) and we expect these to be in that neighborhood.

Keep your eyes on Acme Tools to see when the Kapro 705 Eagle comes available!


Kapro 705 Eagle Contractor Box Level Available Lengths

  • 40cm (16″)
  • 60cm (24″)
  • 80cm (32″)
  • 90cm (36″)
  • 100cm (40″)
  • 120cm (48″)
  • 150cm (60″)
  • 180cm (72″ )
  • 200cm (80″)


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