April 18, 2021

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Milwaukee Redstick Levels are Ready for Launch

Milwaukee Redstick Level

Milwaukee Tool is going after the high end of the level market with the introduction of the new Milwaukee Redstick levels. They’re taking aim at two specific points of concern when it comes to levels – durability and visibility.

Milwaukee Redstick box levels feature an all metal Backbone that is completely new to the industry and should help to prevent a lot of the deformation that occurs around jobsites. The Backbone also creates a more secure and protected installation point for the vial which helps to protect accuracy and prevent damage to the vial or loosening of it.

When it comes to visibility, Milwaukee has developed the new Sharpsite Vial. Black bands over the typical yellow liquid in the vials are designed to create sharp contrast that make the vial easy to read when combined with the magnified bubble. Like we see from Empire Level – also a Milwaukee brand – the vials are made from acrylic to stand up to tougher conditions.

The magnetic versions of Milwaukee Redstick levels feature rare earth magnets that are becoming fairly common around the jobsite and hold extremely well. In addition to Redstick box levels, there will also be Milwaukee Redstick compact levels. Standard Redstick box levels range from 16 inches to 96 inches in both magnetic and nonmagnetic models. The compact levels are available in sizes from 24 inches to 72 inches. See below for a full list of available models and prices.

As part of Milwaukee’s hand tools family, Milwaukee Redstick levels are backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. That also includes lifetime accuracy guarantee in case there ever any accuracy issues with the vials.

“Broken vials, bent frames and damaged levels are a major frustration for users across the building trades. We set out to eliminate common level failures by focusing on new-to-world innovation and technology that delivers advanced durability and leading accuracy to give users confidence on the jobsite. With the introduction of REDSTICK Box Levels, we built a solution for the tradesman who expects their level to embody the Milwaukee promise of ‘Nothing but HEAVY DUTY.’”

– Ryan Schwoegler, Group Product Manager


Milwaukee Redstick Available Models

Non-MagneticMIlwaukee Redstick Level

  • 16” Redstick Box Level (MLBX16) – $59.99
  • 24” Redstick Box Level (MLBX24) – $79.99
  • 32” Redstick Box Level (MLBX32) – $94.99
  • 36” Redstick Box Level (MLBX36) – $99.99
  • 48” Redstick Box Level (MLBX48) – $129.00
  • 59” Redstick Box Level (MLBX59) – $159.00
  • 72” Redstick Box Level (MLBX72) – $189.00
  • 78” Redstick Box Level (MLBX78) – $209.00
  • 96” Redstick Box Level (MLBX96) – $249.00
  • 24”/48” Redstick Box Level Set (MLBXS48) – $169.00
  • 78”/32” Redstick Box Level Jamb Set (MLBXJB) – $249.00


  • 16” Redstick Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM16) – $69.99
  • 24” Redstick Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM24) – $89.99
  • 32” Redstick Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM32) – $109.99
  • 36” Redstick Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM36) – $114.00
  • 48” Redstick Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM48) – $139.00
  • 59” Redstick Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM59) – $169.00
  • 72” Redstick Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM72) – $229.00
  • 78” Redstick Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM78) – $229.00
  • 96” Redstick Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM96) – $279.00
  • 24”/48” Redstick Box Level Set (MLBXSM48) – $179.00
  • 78”/32” Redstick Box Level Jamb Set (MLBXJBM) – $279.00


  • 24” Redstick Compact Box Level (MLCM24) – $49.99
  • 24” Redstick Magnetic Compact Box Level (MLCMM24) – $64.99
  • 48” Redstick Compact Box Level (MLCM48) – $69.99
  • 48” Redstick Magnetic Compact Box Level (MLCMM48) – $89.99
  • 72” Redstick Compact Box Level (MLCM72) – $99.99
  • 72” Redstick Magnetic Compact Box Level (MLCMM72) – $119.00
  • 24”/48” Redstick Compact Box Level Set (MLCMS48) – $129.00
  • 24”/48” Redstick Magnetic Compact Box Level Set (MLCMSM48) – $139.00

Milwaukee Redstick levels are available for pre-order now at Acme Tools!

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