Swanson T04424 Wood Magnet Preview Level Reviews, Measuring & Squares

Swanson Wood Magnet T04424

At this year’s 2009 International Builder’s Show (IBS) in Las Vegas we got our hands on the new Swanson Wood Magnet. It’s a unique leveling device that fits onto any 2X material and instantly gives you accurate level, whether vertical or horizontal. It also has an integrated rubber band which allows it to be strapped onto 4X4 lumber to level up posts and foundation supports. What makes it truly unique, though is its adaptability. Instead of bringing along a 5- or 6-foot level, for example, you can simply strap the Swanson Wood Magnet onto a straight piece of 2X4 (up to 8 feet long) and instantly convert it into a long level.


The guys at Swanson were having lots of fun and were testing how fast it took attendees to level a 2×4 with and without the new Swanson Wood Magnet. Suffice it to say, this tool really speeds up the job. I liked the fact that instead of bringing an expensive 6 foot level to the jobsite I could simply whip this thing out of my tool bag and slap it onto a straight piece of 2×4. In seconds I’ve just converted that 2×4 into a long level – and it’s good up to 8 feet. You can certainly do longer, but that’s a good practical limit in terms of real accuracy.

This seems the ideal tool for setting up and leveling studs, leveling grades, setting posts or any other use where slapping a level to a piece of wood would typically reduce your available hands down to one. We’ll try to give this Swanson Wood Magnet a more in depth look this year and put it through its paces. We’re already impressed with the Swanson Savage Folding Jab Saw and the Swanson AD124 48″ Adjustable Drywall Square so it’s not surprising that the Swanson Wood Magnet is a hit as well.


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