July 25, 2021

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Rockler Rolling Utility Ladder Hardware System

Rockler always has cool hardware and this week they debuted a kit for building your own rolling utility ladder. This is the kind of ladder you see in the coolest libraries where they climb up and slide from left to right—except that the Rockler Rolling Utility Ladder Hardware System is meant for the large storage shed or garage. This kit includes the raw components (sans wood) to build a utility ladder which rolls along a ladder track. The kit is available in three sizes (8 ft., 9 ft. and 10 ft.) and includes the metal bars, rolling bracket assemblies, the steps, feet and all fasteners. You get everything but the wood. When completed, the Utility Ladder will slide left and right, granting you access to elevated storage places at points along the track. There is a gentle movement allowance whereby the ladder will lift slightly and roll left or right until pressure is applied, forcing the feet onto the ground and providing a stable grip to the floor.

The bracket assemblies and all metal parts for the Rockler rolling utility ladder hardware are zinc-coated so they should hold up to interior use unless you live near the ocean and have a lot of caustic chemicals nearby. If you end up wanting more than one area for ladder access, the kit features a quick release mechanism on the bracket assemblies so you can lift the ladder off the track and set it on another. When not in use the ladder can also slide to be completely perpendicular to the floor so it doesn’t encroach into the working space.

Rockler Rolling Utility Ladder top
Rockler Rolling Utility Ladder top

This looks like a great kit and, as always, Rockler even provides a free online wizard to select your ladder style and assemble the required components (taking into account the desired height, and the track length.)

Available Rockler Rolling Utility Ladder Hardware Kits

  • Utility Ladder Hardware Kit (45805) – $330
  • 6′ Utility Ladder Track (47579) – $55
  • Ladder Track Brackets (46973) – $10
  • 8′ Oak Ladder Wood Kit (45919) – $120
  • 9′ Oak Ladder Wood Kit (49754) – $130
  • 10′ Oak Ladder Wood Kit (44955) – $140
Rockler Rolling Utility Ladder hardware
Rockler Rolling Utility Ladder hardware

The Utility Ladder Hardware Kit includes: (2) roller bracket assemblies, (2) foot assemblies, (7) stamped steel steps, grip tape, (14) step rods, (14) step tubes, mounting hardware, detailed plans and instructions.

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