Kerry-All 4' x 8' Plywood Pouch Review Tool Storage Reviews

Kerry-All 4′ x 8′ Plywood Pouch Review

Have you ever showed up at your local building supply store, loaded up our truck with materials only to have it start to rain as you were driving home? Since most of us don’t have vehicles or trailers to be able to transport larger size materials without them being exposed to the elements, how do you get them home with no damage? That’s easy with the line of Kerry-All Pouches from Kerry Woodworking. These pouches come in many sizes that allow you to slip in your materials to keep the weather off of them for easy transport with any vehicle or trailer.



Kerry-All 4' x 8' Plywood PouchThe particular size pouch we requested for this review was the Kerry-All Plywood Pouch. This pouch is slightly larger than a 4′ wide x 8′ long piece of plywood. The idea is that is should hold about 6 to 8 sheets of 3/4″ material like plywood and OSB. If you plan on transporting thinner materials like drywall, paneling or luan you can easily get two to three times that many pieces inside. The pouch is made of tough woven polyethylene material that is about 11 mils thick. To give you an idea of the durability, this is about twice as thick as most crawlspace vapor material plastic. The outside of the pouch is silver in color and it is treated with a ultraviolet inhibitor to help make it last longer when it is exposed to extended periods of direct sunlight. The inside of the pouch is black and the open end of the pouch is secured closed with hook and loop. To help ensure that your load does not go anywhere, there are tie down loops located down the sides of the pouch to make it easy to secure. When not in use, you can easily fold or roll up the pouch for storage.

Testing and Use

Kerry-All 4' x 8' Plywood Pouchh - testing

To test the Kerry-All Plywood Pouch we laid it in the back of my F150 super cab with a 6ft bed. Next a friend of mine held the pouch open and I slid in a few sheets of luan flooring underlayment to check out easy it was to get it into the bag. Once the underlayment was in the pouch, we secured the open end closed the hook and loop that was installed along the edges. It was easy to see that the wood would stay safe and dry once inside the pouch. There was plenty of room to spare and the material was easy to slip in. If you check out the Kerry woodworking web site, you will find that they have many standard sizes in stock and will even make custom sizes if you need them.


Kerry-All 4' x 8' Plywood Pouchh - testing 2

The Kerry-All Plywood Pouch is a simple solution to a common problem. Now you don’t need an enclosed trailer or van to transport sensitive materials that could get damaged by exposure to the elements. Simply slip your materials into these woven polyethylene pouches and your will be all set. For our Performance rating we gave the Kerry-All pouch a 7/10 since it quite simply works. For our Value rating, we gave them a 6/10 because, it might be a pretty good idea, they are not exactly inexpensive. The idea is that you would purchase one of these and use it over and over again.


About Kerry-All Woodworking

If you’ve ever had to buy a sheet of plywood, drywall, or something from a building supply store and it’s raining (or snowing), what are you going to do? This used to happen to me a lot. I’d be making a cabinet for a customer, or myself, and need something at the local building supply store. Back then I had a pickup truck with a 6-foot box and no cap. So, I went looking – local building supply and hardware stores, on the Internet, and through tons of magazines and catalogs- nothing! I thought ‘there must be lots of people in the same boat as me, why not invent something we can all use?’ I found a plastic company, bought a roll of woven poly and got to work. What you see is the result of lots of prototypes from trial and error. Hopefully you will find them as useful as I do.

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