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Metabo MAG 28 LTX Cordless Magnetic Drill Press Preview

Lately, Metabo seems to be coming up with some pretty impressive products. Earlier this year they announced a 4.0 Ah Li-ion battery pack and now the portable electric power tool manufacturer has introduced the world’s first cordless magnetic drill press. Metabo is known for producing tools that are particularly suited for industrial, construction and welding applications and the new Metabo MAG 28 LTX fits right in. The Metabo MAG 28 LTX Cordless Magnetic Drill Press uses a 25.2 V (others might call this a 24V) Li-ion battery to power the tool. For anchoring the drill to the surface, the tool uses a powerful rare earth magnet which requires no energy from the battery. This makes the mag drill suitable for use in remote and previously inaccessible environments.


Metabo MAG 28 LTX Cordless Magnetic Drill Press Features

The unique rare earth magnet is no “fridge magnet”. It delivers up to 2,500 lbs of holding force, which can even be adjusted for precise positioning when drilling on vertical, horizontal and sloped surfaces. The tool can be used with annular cutters, spiral drills and countersinks, and features a maximum drilling diameter of 1-1/4″ with an annular cutter and 1/2” with a spiral drill. Max drilling depth is nearly 2 inches. The magnetic base of the drill has a shape that allows you to easily affix it to pipe as well as flat steel construction applications. For working on overhead or vertical surfaces, Metabo even included a safety strap.

The Metabo MAG 28 LTX drill press has a maximum stroke of 6-5/16”. The 2-speed tool boasts 380 or 680 no-load revolutions per minute and is designed with a dual-level, permanently lubricated gearbox for speed and torque optimization. It features electronic thermal overload and jam protection to increase the life of the motor. A safety cut-out protects the operators in the event a battery is inserted with the machine in the on position. Lastly, to keep everything running smoothly, an integrated gravity coolant container with through-the-spindle feed is also included. Check out this video of the new tool in action:

The cordless Metabo MAG 28 LTX Magnetic Drill Press 25.2 V, 3.0 Ah Li-ion battery pack can be charged in just 15 minutes with the included rapid charger, which uses air cooling to (safely) speed up the process. Another really cool feature is that a spare battery pack can also be stored in the drill’s base. The MAG 28 LTX,  battery packs and charger all come with a three-year warranty. The kit includes the MAG 28 LTX, Weldon 3/4″ tool holder, ejector pin, chuck adapter and geared chuck, chuck key, MT 2 drift key, safety strap, Allen key and two 25.2 V, 3.0 Ah Li-ion battery packs.

Metabo MAG 28 LTX Cordless Magnetic Drill Press Features & Specifications

  • Battery: 2 x 25.2V/3.0 Ah Li-ion
  • Max dia (core): 1-1/4″
  • Max dia (spiral): 1/2″
  • Max depth: 1-31/32″
  • Max stroke: 6-5/16″
  • Base: 2.75 x 7.5 x 7.5 mm
  • RPM: 380/680
  • Bit retainer: Morse taper MK 2, Weldon shaft (3/4″)
  • Ejector pin (6.35 x 77 mm)
  • Geared chuck 13 mm with adapter MK2
  • MK 2 drift, Allen & chuck keys
  • Safety strap
  • “AIR COOLED” super quick charger ASS 15 Plus
  • Transport case

This is a very powerful, very specialized tool. The Metabo MAG 28 LTX Cordless Magnetic Drill Press is also the first of its kind. While it doesn’t have the huge stroke length of larger magnetic drills, the fact that it’s cordless will mean that this tool will find its niche and fill it nicely. We’d also bet that they will secure the market for some time as this isn’t an area likely to receive much competition for some time. Very innovative!


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