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4 Comments on "Milwaukee Tick Tool & Equipment Tracker"

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Delfin Z Mendoza

Can I disconnect tick tracker divise from old email and adding to a new email is that possible

Oleg Kuperman
$30? For something that has so little security, no GPS, no WiFi, can be removed with a regular pocket knife and disabled immediately?.. And to get it for $20 you have to spend a grand?! Milwaukee is kidding, even if the Bluetooth chipset itself wasn’t $1 and the whole tool didn’t cost $2.50 to make and distribute, with GPS and WiFi if still call $20 a robbery but at its current state it’s just insanity, especially for $30. A simple Barcode and a scanner app would do wonders for inventory purposes, especially considering the facr that paper and stickers needs… Read more »

paid by Hilti?