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My crew wasted many hours trying to cut deck screws to remove decking with 18tpi The Torch. The blade dulled quickly and the box of 10 blades spent with only 10 planks of 20ft decking removed. I bought Lenox gold bimetal 14 tpi and the remaining 5 were out in 30 minutes and the two blades that started were still good. I have no idea why the torch performed so poorly, costing me a lot of time and money.


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Ned Wolf

Actually LENOX invented the Bi-Metal recip blade not Milwaukee for plumbers who used their famous hacksaw blades and frames. Milwaukee blades use to snap off a lot in cutting steel piping during repair work. Lenox made bi-metal band saw blades very early about the same time Milwaukee was pioneering the portable electric recip saw. They only made high speed steel (metal only cutting)and carbon steel (wood cutting) blades for their saws. Lenox heard about this frustration by plumbers using Milwaukee blades and LENOX started making shatter-proof cobalt high speed steel teeth with spring steel blade bodies in 1977 to eliminate… Read more »