October 18, 2021

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Milwaukee Ax and Wrecker Carbide Sawzall Blades

Milwaukee Wrecker carbide SawZall blade

Milwaukee Carbide Sawzall Blades Engineered to Cut Better for Longer

Milwaukee Tool expanded its line of carbide-tipped Sawzall reciprocating saw blades, adding several new products. Primarily, they have new Milwaukee Ax Carbide and Wrecker Carbide reciprocating saw blades. They now better handle applications like pruning, cutting nail-embedded wood, metal-cutting, and getting through tough cast iron. Notably, Milwaukee also introduced 12-inch Torch blades with Nitrus Carbide engineered to cut through cast iron.

10-Second Summary

  • Ax with carbide teeth for pruning and clean wood blades
  • Wrecker with carbide teeth for multi-material cutting
  • 12″ Torch with Nitrus carbide and Torch with carbide teeth blades
  • Engineered to cut longer and faster

Milwaukee Ax Carbide Pruning Blades

For pruning and tree work, the Milwaukee Ax Carbide Pruning reciprocating saw blades come optimized for the fastest cuts above and below the dirt. These carbide-tooth blades feature an aggressive 3 TPI (teeth per inch). That makes them super-fast when cutting branches or clean wood and lumber. A low blade profile and an optimized carbide grade let users cut into root balls and remove stumps easily. It also helps them withstand impacts against gravel, sand, and dirt. Obviously, it should also demolish clean dimensional 2x lumber without nails.

Milwaukee Ax Carbide Pruning blades offer up to 50x longer life over standard carbon steel recip blades available today. Milwaukee has 3 lengths available, all of which are offered in 1- or 3-packs.

Available Models

  • 48-00-5231 6″ 3 TPI Ax Blade
    • $6.97
  • 48-00-5232 9″ 3 TPI Ax Blade
    • $9.97
  • 48-00-5233 12″ 3 TPI Ax Blade
    • $12.97

Milwaukee Wrecker with Carbide Teeth Blades

For general demo work that calls for, well, wrecking stuff, the Milwaukee Wrecker Sawzall blades will fit the bill. Designed for versatility, these blades can tackle anything from clean wood to thick metal.

Milwaukee Sawzall Blade Carbide Expansion

The Milwaukee Wrecker Sawzall blades feature a Fang Tip design that lets you make faster plunge cuts. These blades feature 6 carbide teeth per inch for quick cutting in just about anything you’ll come across in demolition and remodeling applications.

Again, Milwaukee claims that the Wrecker Carbide blades will last up to 50x longer than standard bi-metal reciprocating saw blades on the market. They’re available in 1-, 3-, and 5-packs.

Available Models

  • 48-00-5241 6″ 6 TPI Wrecker with Carbide Teeth
    • $9.97
  • 48-00-5242 9″ 6 TPI Wrecker with Carbide Teeth
    • $12.97
  • 48-00-5243 12″ 6 TPI Wrecker with Carbide Teeth
    • $15.97

Milwaukee Torch Carbide 12-inch Blades

Two Milwaukee Torch models are available, and both now include 12″ lengths. The Torch with Nitrus Carbide and Torch with Carbide blades carry a 7TPI design to tackle a wide variety of material from black pipe to cast iron.

Milwaukee Sawzall Blade Carbide Expansion

Milwaukee offers the Torch Carbide and Torch with Nitrus Carbide in 1-, 3-, and 5-packs.

12-inch Torch with Carbide Blades

  • 48-00-5263 12″ 7TPI Torch with Nitrus Carbide Blades
    • $20.97
  • 48-00-5203 12″ 7TPI Torch Carbide Teeth Blades
    • $20.97

7 TPI Torch Blade 25-Packs

We mentioned the pack configurations of the various Milwaukee Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blade varieties. They’re great for smaller jobs. However, for those that like to buy in bulk, Milwaukee has some 25-packs available as well.

  • 48-00-8501 6″ 7 TPI Torch with Carbide Teeth 25-pack
    • $249.97
  • 48-00-8502 9″ 7 TPI Torch with Carbide Teeth 25-pack
    • $324.97
  • 48-00-8526 9″ 5 TPI Ax with Carbide Teeth 25-pack
    • $214.97

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